Acquisition Wednesday

hulks2 006

I still haven’t shown off everything the wife gave me for Christmas – these were such great surprises because it’s never easy to give a Hulk item to me.  I have an entire room full of Hulk goodness and, on top of that, I have storage containers FULL of more.  For someone who doesn’t know anything about my collection trying to add to it is almost impossible.

hulks2 008

Thankfully, my wife was up to the challenge and decided to take a leap and add this Marvel Collage Cinch Bag (2012, $11.99) and Marvel Collage Wallet (2012, $9.99) to the room.  I don’t use wallets – I can’t imagine having this chunky, folded “pleathery” holder for your cards and money shoved into your pocket all day.  I am more a money clip guy.

hulks2 009

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