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Hulk Movie News Thursday!

Well – it seems there may be no Planet Hulk movie on the horizon – I think most of us knew that was a long shot anyways – but there is news on the upcoming Hulk “talkie” – click on the pic above.  I know it says “news” – but it’s mostly still rumors abound!

Tristan for the Win!


I still feel a sense of victory since this was the first time the question was out there for more than 24 hours without a correct response – but the right answer, as Tristan said, is Warlock and the Infinity Watch #21 – Drax vs Thor:


Acquisition Thursday!

now or never 008

Sure enough… I did pick this up.  Never saw it in retail stores, just my LCS, so I picked it up there.  Not to sure about anything else about this boxed set because it seemed to come and go without so much as a whisper.  Maybe it’s because The Heroic Age Heroes Boxed Set (2012, $29.99) didn’t have much to offer as far as figures go.  In fact, the only figure that is significantly different is the Red Hulk.  This is the from the latest mold that the string of Hulk releases has been from and, it may be just me, but I don’t really think the red fits this sculpt.

now or never 007

The Thor is the modern costume with a slight repaint.  This is a bit lighter blue (which looks worse, IMO) but the Iron Man doesn’t seem to have any real difference at all.  Either way, I have seen this set go for less than $20 so if you’re interested in it you should be able to find it cheap.  All I know is that this set is not very sought out – and it has the Red Hulk in it – you do the math! 🙂