30 Days of Hulk Transformations – Day 2


One of the most gruesome, graphic, disgusting and beautiful transformations in Hulk history.  Bruce is so overcome with rage at the injury of Betty that the Green Hulk – who had not been seen in years – comes ripping through his skin!

11 responses to “30 Days of Hulk Transformations – Day 2

  1. Love that scene!

  2. Thank god Dale Keown was drawing the series at that time. I can’t imagine Jeff Purves (Hulk’s previous artist) doing that scene justice.

  3. One of my favorite and probably my very favorite transformation scenes ever!! I agree about Dale – he was meant to draw this page (and the next one).


  4. in what comic was this in? thank you I cant remember this transformation may not even have this hulk comic, but i do like it.

  5. Best transformation scene ever, Dale Keown is my personal favorite artist for the hulk loved how massive he made the jade giant look.

  6. This is my favorite transformation, mostly because as interesting as the gray hulk was I was anxious for the savage hulk’s return, and keown did it in a big way, although he didn’t last long…….

  7. Thank goodness Hulk isn’t wearing an orange lantern uniform on this panel……

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