Daily Archives: March 3, 2013

Acquisition Sunday!

hulks2 005

Last of the items my wife found for me during the Christmas season – these Avengers Ear Buds (2012. $9.99) feature the Hulk on the outside of the bud.  I had seen Cap and Iron Man but could not seem to locate the Hulk ones anywhere – leave it to my wife to be able to snag a pair.

30 Days of Hulk Transformations – Day 3


It’s interesting to me when I see a set of these illustrations.  The middle one between Banner and Hulk is extremely interesting to me – you had to make a face mid-transformed – it had to still look disfigured and also still look like Banner.  Not an easy feat – yet they do it over and over in the comics.  To me, no one was better than Kirby at drawing it!