Acquisition Tuesday!

now or never 006

I was able to get a hold of a few figures from the new Marvel Universe wave.  I was only figuring to pick up Hercules – since he took over Hulk’s book after Planet Hulk.  Still sort of bothered by that one.  I wish they had continued the numbering for Hulk – but in true Marvel fashion they have restarted the Hulk 3 times now since then.  Three freakin’ times!  Original numbering to #600 – then a restart at #1 – and re-titling back to #1 once more when they realized the Aaron run was not being favored by fans.  Back to Herc – whose title also has ceased – he is quite the figure.  Like I said before – the MU line has really stepped up their game and while I still think they are overpriced they are awesome figures!

now or never 005

4 responses to “Acquisition Tuesday!

  1. I’m surprised it’s not his original costume, I guess ancient roman strippers are out of date. Good detail though. Kinda wish he had another ongoing title, more darker tone and not written by pak and lante

  2. Not a fan of the Pak run?

  3. no I liked it, it had really good stories, it just had way too much humor, I don’t mind humor it’s just it was pushed too much. I didn’t like it post choas war, though the new look was cool. I just feel if they have another title, it needs to be darker, have some humor, and have hercules act like he did in the nineties. More serious, somewhat humble, like he was in the hulk/hercules by peter david and mike deodato.

  4. Yeah – I get what you’re saying. Sometimes they can inject too much humor into the book and it becomes a distraction from the story

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