Acquisition Wednesday!

now or never 009

I will even admit – I was on the fence about picking this up because of how ugly it looks – but I hadn’t seen a Hulk Easter Basket (2013, $9.98) so I couldn’t let it just go.  It’s a hard sell on any Hulk collector – I would have rather had a molded plastic Hulk head – but beggars are not choosers.  It’s been a while since I picked up a piece that I had not actually had previous.  It probably wouldn’t stop me from picking up a plastic one of I ever come across one – especially since, when I brought this up to the register, a woman said “Oh how cute!  A Shrek Easter basket!”  I informed her it was the Hulk and she replied “Well, it looks like Shrek.”  I told her she needs to watch Shrek again – because the ogre doesn’t have hair.

now or never 010


4 responses to “Acquisition Wednesday!

  1. yikes, that thing reminds me more of Shrek than Hulk

  2. Was this by chance a Target purchase? I’ve been seeing Captain America and Spider-man plush baskets there, so I was hoping a Hulk might show up too. Now I know there is one, but no luck at any of my stores finding one yet.

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