Catching Up with Thursday!

Indestructible Hulk #3 - 2nd Print

Indestructible Hulk #3 – 2nd Print

The “White Event” is coming… still – the Age of Ultron has begun Deadpool is a sucker for a big pair of boobs (but to be fair, who isn’t) and Nova begins with a team that has burned us before!  That’s right!  It’s time to catch up with recent releases!  Let’s begin:


First, let’s talk about Thunderbolts #5 (W: Way, I: Dillon, $2.99, 2013), released LAST week.  In this installment, the Leader, who was dead, got better.  We learn, in his talks to Mercy, that he still knows nothing – just random memories.  Madman – now just a man – is still alive but de-powered hanging out with Deadpool.  Poor guy.  DP does an annoying Yukon Cornelius impression and then a full page tirade that about one page too long.  That’s alright – because he also learns that you can’t trust a woman with enormous juggs – who also happens to be an assassin.  Despite that – the issue was pretty interesting as the soldiers of Kata Jaya begin a revolution after learning about their General’s suicide.  Venom goes on a killing spree and then “rescues” the now mortal Madman from the clutches of blood thirsty, vengeful soldiers.  The only real let down is how drab the art continues to be.  Story wise though – improvement from last month – but not by much.  Grade: C+

My scanner doesn't want to show the shiny cover's shininess...

My scanner doesn’t want to show the shiny cover’s shininess…

I would like to quote my friend, Corry, from Zapp Comics (click the link), when he said that Marvel events “Start big and then end with nothing”.  It’s too true and upsetting – most events aren’t worth reading as nothing of note actually happens.  Well, let’s hope this is different – because Age of Ultron #1 (W:Bendis, P: Hitch, I: Neary, $3.99, 2013) certainly starts big!  There is no Hulk to speak of just yet but I won’t deny a better grade for that.  Ultron seems to have taken his hate for humanity to a apocalyptic level.  About 2 handfuls of Avengers are left and they are scared and hiding with no idea what to do next.  The best part of this release may just be the shiny cover!  I will have to store this next to my chromium cover of Bloodshot #1!  Grade: B+

The only AoU variant you need!

The only AoU variant you need!


Continuing with a decent Marvel month it seems that the Avengers #7 (W: Hickman, I: Weaver, $3.99, 2013) is moving along the story rather than focusing on another “origin” to a new character.  The white event is on it’s way and it’s going to be catastrophic!  Thank goodness a nerd has been chosen to receive the Starbrand – the power to… well, help.  That – and the power to break the world as well.  Let’s hope it’s the first one.  Grade: B


Last but – well, maybe least – I finally decided to pick up Nova #1 (W: Loeb, P: McGuinness, I: Vines, $3.99, 2013) which I had been avoiding since the last time these three people teamed up on a book it was one of the biggest travesties to happen to the Hulk title since Bruce Jones.  I am pretty sure, though, they can’t do any worse than the Red Hulk series… but don’t quote me on that.  Worse things happen everyday.  But the story thus far is pretty damn good – nothing better than seeing Rocket Raccoon back in action!  It looks as though we will be seeing an old, drunken Nova – or a 15 year old Nova.  Either way, sounds fun. Grade: B+


4 responses to “Catching Up with Thursday!

  1. Quick question, isn’t the age of ultron an alternate reality, not the mainstream continuity? Also, one of these days I wish we could talk why you hate Loebs run, NOT an argument, just a friendly conversation about different viewpoints. His isn’t my favorite run (Len Wein has that spot) but I like it better than everything past World War Hulks. I realize this probably isn’t for one and one talk I’m just curious

    • I believe AoU is an alternate reality.

      As far as Loeb goes – I think I’ve covered it a few times – but it’s pretty simple: Loeb’s run cared nothing for continuity and mainly focused on flash over substance. The most obvious example of this is the Mr Fixit cameo – one of the worst written storylines in Hulk’s history (maybe next to the Offenders/Defenders arc) Fixit came in for half an issue – and then, for no reason at all, he turned back into the green Hulk. Fixit was there just to put him in – not to mention Loeb didn’t even bother to read up on the character. He has Fixit say “it’s good to be back in Vegas” when, in his origin, Fixit explains that he despises people who call it Vegas – that it is LAS Vegas. Saying Vegas is being disrespectful.

      The Wendigo curse was always so brilliant and simple – it’s a curse on ONE person at a time – but for no real reason I can figure Loeb decided to have the curse be more like a vampire or zombie – one bite and they are now a Wendigo too. Absolutely horrible! Lazy, inconsistent, and ridiculous writing!

      Not to mention his other obvious cameos that were nothing but an obtuse way to drive sales – the Harpy, the Watcher – not to mention he never bothered explaining how Rick was turned into A-Bomb – in fact, he never really explained much of anything other than what happened to make the Red Hulk – which was weak at best. Cosmic Rays and Gamma Rays makes a Red Hulk? Come on!

      The worst part is all of the powers they gave the Red Hulk – how easily he beat EVERYONE in the MU – and now… not so much. It was like they were making things up month to month without any forethought or direction on where to take it.

  2. Ok those were good points, and I agree. I liked his run because to me he brought a classic feel to it, bringing in Rick (I know he appeared in WWH first), Ross (ditto), Samson, Leader, Modok and others. My favorite thing in his run was the Hulk/Thor friendship at the end of issue 6, though since then nothing became of it. Finally after all these 50 years marvel’s most powerful beings friends instead off enemies. I liked the concept of the intelligincia and making Ross the red hulk though I prefered him to be a villain not a hero. I liked bringing things that happened in past issues into the fold, samsons cathesis ray (probably misspelling alot here), betty’s death, Ross allying with modok to release abomination. This along with mcguinness’ art just made it feel classic. Things I didn’t like? Some you already said, For no reason whatsoever Hulk was his savage Hulk persona instead of green scar (even though savage Hulk is my favorite), hulked out heroes, Defender/Offenders story, a whole year without Hulk, Red Hulk finally defeated with a thunderclap… a thunderclap!! There are other things I liked and disliked but to me it evened out to a pretty decent run. WAY better than aaron’s and to me, so far waids. This marvel now crap is why i haven’t visited in a while, I can’t find anything good to say about it and I will not disrepect you or your site with negativity. I miss the classics, more to the point the 70’s. The Trimpe/Buscema to me is the best and most iconic Hulk ever, and my recent purchase of bowen’s latest savage hulk statue hasn’t helped. Thanks for answering and stating your opinion and you made valid points. If it was earlier in the day i might state other points to me but I mostly covered it. I miss the Savage Hulk.

    • Tristan,
      Like you, the savage child like hulk is favorite and I agree Len Wein is one of the best Hulk writers. We should talk about this some more

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