30 Days of Transformations – Day 8


I worked with a woman who was allergic to water chestnuts.  She discovered this as we sat and ate lunch together – I was telling her about a funny thing that happened and she began to laugh.  She looked at her hand and noticed her fingers looked bloated.  I told her that her whole face looked sort of the same.  She ran to the bathroom and, long story short, she left by ambulance with the new knowledge that she should not ingest water chestnuts ever again.

Anyways – the middle picture in this transformation looks like she did that day.


One response to “30 Days of Transformations – Day 8

  1. I just love the way Kirby drew the Hulk, you can tell he took inspiration from Frankenstein’s monster which inspired Stan Lee to create the Hulk in the first place but yeah Kirby is my favorite Hulk illustrator.

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