Guess that Panel Friday!


Last time I posted a panel I thought for sure I had everyone stumped!  Then Tristan came along to ruin my triumph…

Just kidding, man!  I am actually very impressed with you guys so far – so I have to keep trying to find more and more obscure references.  Maybe this will be it!  Name the Title and # – GO!

21 responses to “Guess that Panel Friday!

  1. Uh……I have NO clue. Guys?

    • Wow – I may have a chance to stump here!

      Now only if Fiddy, 465, Sean and Simon Williams all surrender too! I can’t celebrate too early…

  2. I think you win this one ratchet.

  3. Ratchet…I don’t know. But I will take a stab in the dark. Can’t go.down without a fight. Would this be from the Harley Davidson inspired marvel comics? I never collected those issues so it really is a stab in the dark.

    • I always respect people who go down swinging – this time you’ve missed – but I will say that comic in question is part of a 4 issue mini series.

  4. Was it Marvel megamorphs #4?

  5. is it one of the prequel comics that came with one of the toys?

    • No – like I said – Joel is so close it’s not even funny. I can’t give you more than that because it’s basically giving you guys the answer!

  6. Wait, wait,….marvel megamorphs #1…hulk got bit by a bug or something and stole a vehicle from stark right? i remember something about doc ock….

  7. ah well i was going by memory of a book i saw only once….

  8. So you’re not going to even attempt a guess that it was issue #2 or #3?

  9. Well this interesting, this is being found through process of elimination…I could say 2 and get a yes or no and same for #3

    • I’ll pave the way for you, and eliminate what I think is the wrong answer, based on Rathchet’s clues. Was it issue #2?

  10. Was it #3? I’m laughing so hard right now…..

  11. Hey, Ratchet. Even if we get this right, I think you can probably chalk it up as a win for you. But mad props to Joel for at least getting the series right! I have to admit while it looked familiar, I had no clue which series it was from.

  12. Yes, I think Joel earned credit, I had no clue what this was until he mentioned marvel megamorphs. I only vaguely remember it from a book store. If I hadn’t seen the word megamorph I’d still be more at a loss than I am right now. Soooo maybe a draw?

  13. Alright – here’s the deal. Tristan gets the win along with Joel. Post to follow soon! Good on all of you for sticking with it! The answer is Megamorphs #3

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