Cleaning Up Saturday!


You might have noticed I have been updating the pages on this site – especially the comic pages – but I had tried, one day, to update the FIGURES page and it basically erased all of the Marvel Universe figures.  It was so frustrating that I abandoned the whole project and said I would go back to it at another time.  Well, I am not completely done, but I have started to update the page again – I have put the rest of the Avengers figures up, the random figures and a whole butt-load of MU figures back up… it isn’t 100% yet – but it looks way better than it did before!

Peace out, guys!

6 responses to “Cleaning Up Saturday!

  1. Hey Ryan-I gotta ask you-your photos always seem really sharp and clear-so here’s my question,…What kind of camera are you sing????

  2. That should read “using”…

  3. I like the representation of this photo, Savage Hulk on top!

  4. I will have to get back to you on that one Mike – my wife took the camera this weekend to NJ – so I will let you know soon…

  5. OK-Thanks!

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