Acquisition Wednesday!

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I was once told by Fiddy that I am one of the luckiest collectors out there – I seem to find things before anyone else.  I bet if I was trying I wouldn’t have the luck I seem to have.  Actually – there was the Wal-Mart exclusive Hulk that I did have to do a little digging for – but most of the time I just happen upon figures sitting on shelves.  And this was another one of those times!

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We were told to expect a whole slew of new Avengers toys – and on Saturday I happen upon the Avengers Assemble Gamma Slam Hulk (2013, #13.99) and also – another stroke of luck – TRU was having a buy one, get one 40% off sale – so I picked up another Hulk MU figure… for the hell of it!

jim visit 008

This Hulk is not big on articulation and what parts do move don’t stay where you want them to.  Of course – that’s the point of these figures (I think).  I can’t be 100% on that because I have never played with a Mighty Battler but I am guessing it is supposed to be rigid.  There are no knee joints although you can make him sit – the arms do raise – but snap right back down at you – and FAST!  the elbows move as well – and his abdomen can make him lean forward as if he is having stomach cramps.  Lastly, he can swivel his head from side to side.

Comparison Shot

Comparison Shot

Overall, is still a pretty nice figure, with an inquisitive and slightly angry face.  He’s not very big – bigger than the MU – but, as you can see, the ML Hulk towers over him!  The olive color works well and it’s even nicer to have a Mighty Battler Hulk without jowls!  The last one looked like a hound dog – this one will be displayed prominently in the Hulk room!

8 responses to “Acquisition Wednesday!

  1. Oh man, didn’t realize these were out! Time for a few Walmart pit stops this week! I like this figure – it looks great.

  2. I got lucky and found one over the weekend as well. The funny thing was, they only had the one Hulk figure on the shelves, and nothing else. I wound up back at the same Target yesterday to killl some time before a meeting, and that time they had everybody but the Hulk. I do like the new sculpt on him; it goes with how he looks on all the new packaging.

    • By the way, Target also had individually bagged characters from the Marvel Super Hero Adventure line back by the Easter candy, and even though I’m not sure he’s any different than the first one that came with the vehicle, I had to pick up a Hulk.

  3. I was curious about the Adventure line fig – glad to know it is the same. One more thing I don’t have to pick up

    • I’m obsessive enough I decided I wanted one, and they tend to only ever get one delivery at my store at the holidays, so once stuff is gone, it’s gone. I figured it was now or never (or super-inflated price on ebay).

  4. Wow that looks really good, is this supposed to be from the upcoming avengers assemble cartoon?

  5. Just found this one friday at TRU, nice figure, gonna look great next to my MS avengers hulk and walmart exclusive hulk. While I was there, I picked up the new exclusive minimates juggernaut as kuurth and hulk as nul two pack. Yep, more minimates. Both come with hammers to!! Great friday hunt!

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