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Acquisition Thursday!

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I am pretty sure that I could have found these the good old fashion way – but after the last bout of Marvel Heroics and me and my friends trying to get a Green Hulk I wasn’t really up to another round of that.  This time I went the easier route and snagged these two off of eBay.

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I am glad they decided to put out the Marvel Heroics Grey Hulk and a Clear Version (2013, $.99) of the same – but I sort of wish it was a Fixit Hulk.  I know that whenever they do a Grey Hulk first that either a Fixit is a long way off – or never coming.  These are quite the tiny but sweet looking figurines that are worth the $1 – if you are lucky enough to snag the right character on the first try!

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I am constantly being suckered in to getting these “blind” packaged Hulk figures – and more and more seem to keep popping up.  It’s a little frustrating since I keep telling myself that I refuse to get sucked in again… this time I just bought the two Hulks off eBay and will be done with the whole thing.



30 Days of Transformations – Day 14


The Hulk is not a quitter – one thing we all know from years of reading – and he certainly will never let Banner quit.  It’s just too bad he couldn’t do anything about that balding issue…