Hulk Room Saturday!

just a few 004

The only statue that I own that is not in a display case is the one that has the saddest story – IMO – mainly because Hard Hero had a strong beginning with their Marvel license and it ended just that quickly.  We were given this AMAZING Seth Vandable sculpted Hulk early in the first wave – so thank goodness for that.  This beauty sits atop my desk with his tiny minions collected around his feet.  Grey and Green alike.

6 responses to “Hulk Room Saturday!

  1. So I have to admit every time you (or any of the gamma bros) post photos of your Hulk rooms, I always find myself playing the “got it, got it, need it” game. Where is the necklace from that is hanging around Hard Hero Hulk’s neck?

  2. Always a fan of Hulk room pics! What’s on the wall in the right of this picture?

  3. Hard hero went out of business?

    • I think so. I know they quit producing Marvel statues shortly after starting them. They released some great statues in a short time and it was a big disappointment when they announced that they would not be continuing with the line. I thought they had just lost the license but maybe they also shut down because I can’t find a web site.

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