30 Days of Transformations – Day 20


Getting back into the groove after an absolute grueling work week!  Loved it – because I love my job – but it was exhausting!  Now I am readying myself back into posting on my blogs and catching up on my reading!  Reviews are almost ready – most likely will be posted tomorrow.  This time up – the original transformation done by Loeb!  And Rick’s best Keanu Reeves impression!

4 responses to “30 Days of Transformations – Day 20

  1. This is a very good story, despite grey hulk talking like savage hulk, though to be fair there’s been many times when the green hulk acts and talks like the grey hulk….

  2. I love Sale’s art – I would love to track down a nice page of original art form this series. Great transformation scene!



    • Agreed – Sale is one of the best – and a super nice guy at that. I have met up with him a few times at conventions – nothing but a class act!

  3. That is both great and frustrating news all at once Ratch. I have been trying to catch Tim at a show for years. So far, he either opts out for the show I attend or cancels toward the start of the show. I have lost track of how many shows he was at the prior year or shows where he was scheduled only to drop at the last minute. I am hoping that I am able to catch him at Heroes this year for sure!

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