Acquisition Monday!

just a few 003

If you follow this blog religiously then you know my trials and tribulations of getting the Hulk and Banner Chibis when they were being released only by the blind packages.  I got very lucky – but also only found ONE Hulk.  I was at Target the other day and did see that they finally released a Chibis Complete Set (2012, $12.99) and included inside are not only all of the regular releases – but also two rare “platinum” Chibis.  Totally worth it!

just a few 002

One response to “Acquisition Monday!

  1. I was wondering if you might know when they plan to release the red hulk version of the new mighty battlers that are out? I bought hulk at TRU, and I read online t hat theres a red hulk also. Ive only seen cap,iron man, wolverine and hulk. Cant even find a pic of it. Only want it if it has a different head on it, tired of repaints. Lol

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