Waid’s Run Wednesday!

So, not very many Hulk fans are digging this new Hulk run – and it’s not like I can really give solid reasons on why they SHOULD – all I have is my own reasons for liking it.  Believe me when I say that I know it is FAR from a great run so far – nor do I think it will go down in the Hulk history books next to PD or Pak’s Planet Hulk – but it’s a major step up from what we’ve been shoveled, as far as Hulk stories go, for the last few years.  I think Waid is building up to something – unlike Aaron whose ultimate plan was pretty transparent and also pretty shallow  at that – Waid is a really accomplished writer.  Sure, Hulk hasn’t really said a word yet and Banner seems to be controlling everything, but we haven’t really gotten to the meat of what his run will signify.  At least, I don’t think…

In the meantime we’ve been served some pretty fun, action filled issues where the Hulk is confronting former foes and former allies that he still has grudges against.  Maybe Waid hasn’t found the voice that he wants the Hulk to have – or maybe he has but hasn’t reached the point where he’s going to unveil it – but at least we have issues WITH the Hulk in them!  When Bruce Jones didn’t have an idea of who the Hulk he was writing was – he simply didn’t write the Hulk into the stories!  Also, I like reading a Hulk who has some trouble before ultimately accomplishing something – like Waid did in the latest issue.  Was Hulk going to pass out or die?  I doubt it – but the story is at least more interesting when the Hulk has some trouble fighting his foes but then is able to put the smackdown in the end – like in Planet Hulk.

I did say I have been enjoying this – even more than Pak’s second run – and that’s because when Pak took over he was forced into writing a Hulk book without a Hulk and instead his first few arcs centered around Banner training Skaar.  Let’s face it – Skaar has proven to be a pretty forgettable short-lived character in the MU.  He may follow in the footsteps of Spider-Man 2099 – one that a lot of people liked – but not enough to keep a series of his own alive.  He may stick around in the MU – but he’ll never be the lead.  Then Pak dealt with the other son Hulk had… I think Hulk said it best here:

apple picking 050That’s right… ANOTHER SON… while I really liked reading Pak’s second run – there was too much whining and Hulk children and… goodness, I mean, Hulk had two sons and a daughter in the span of a year!  How is that humanly possible?  All of which needed to be addressed and cleaned up.  That’s what Pak’s second run was all about to me – cleaning up the mess that was created before him while trying to tell his own stories too… not an easy feat.  He did it better than most could have – but the “Hulk Family” was a failed experiment that I don’t think anyone will ever want to re-visit.

Back to Waid’s run: We are still pretty early on here – and unlike when Aaron’s run was at this point – I am still hopeful that this is going somewhere great.  I have patience when I see a writer has consistency and seems to be writing a decent story.  Notice I have been giving slightly above average grades – but not exceptional – which reflects how I feel.  This is not classic material – but so far, so good.  What do you guys think?


6 responses to “Waid’s Run Wednesday!

  1. I disagree with you regarding Skaar and Greg Pak’s second run. Skaar is awesome. He’s got tons of potential and is just cool. True, Pak had to do the heavy lifting after Loeb introduced Red Hulk, Red She-Hulk and A-Bomb. But in the end, I think it all paid off. They all became their own unique characters. Red Hulk had a great series with Jeff Parker, in which A-Bomb and the She-Hulks co-starred in from time-to-time. The latest Red She-Hulk series from Jeff Parker, with Betty and Machine Man starring in it, is also equally entertaining and great.

    And would it really be bad to see all the Hulks team-up to face a threat to the universe, a threat that only their combined might could stop? I don’t think so, not in the least. In fact, if Mark Waid and Greg Pak would work together on such an idea, it could be quite epic.

    • Getting the “Hulk Family” together again would be a step in the wrong direction! We are past that terrible time in Hulk history – why would we go back?

      Unfortunately for fans of Skaar, the character does not have enough mass appeal to carry a book. While you may think he was great – most people just didn’t care about him.

      • GreenScar1990

        It wouldn’t have to be permanent. It could be a once in a blue moon sort of thing. It could would, but only if it’s more of a team-up angle rather than a family one. I believe it could be done.

        I’m still hoping for a Hulk epic with the team of Greg Pak, Peter David, Jeff Parker and Mark Waid on writing. And for the artistic talents I’d like to have Carlo Pagulayan, Paul Pelletier, Dale Keown, Gary Frank and Olivier Coipel. You can’t tell me that wouldn’t be awesome!

        And I have to disagree with you in regards to Skaar. A Lot of people I know, a good many of them non-Hulk fans, really like Skaar and find him to be one of the coolest and best new characters Marvel has released in the past 5-10 years. I’d love to see Skaar and X-23 share a title together, a team-up that has the potential to be more in which both characters could shed some light on one another. All that we would need is the right artist and writer. It’d be a cool series, one that a lot of comic fans would pick up. If Hawkeye can have his own series by Matt Fraction, I see no reason why Skaar & X-23 couldn’t.

    • I find his review of Pak’s 600 run spot on. The Super Math/Indiana Jones Bruce Banner was poorly excuted. I believe Pak had a good overall theme..but Waid would of done a better job excuting the same theme if able to write Incredible Hulk #601-635. Pak had a real good chance to make the Dark Son Saga special..if he let Scott Reed and Jenkins pen the whole arc. Pak did a lousy job writing Jenkin’s Hiro-Kala. Hiro-Kala was a cosmic threat..Pak let Hulk beat him to easy and quick.

  2. I actually liked the way Pak handled the Hulk Family. I enjoyed the story he created to leave the MU with only one child of Hulk. It made sense and was compelling. And Banner trying to train Skaar was a very enjoyable read even though it was Hulk-less.

    It will be a while before someone writes the Hulk book and “gets” the Hulk like Pak and David did.

    Waid’s story so far is fun, but I am not seeing any kind of sign that he will write the Hulk on the Pak or David level. I’d give it a B-.

  3. Pak’s first run was epic, his second was okay at best. I for one was not a fan of the whole “Hulk Family” concept. Skarr is an interesting and cool character, but for guest appearance and co star only. Waid’s run isn’t horrible but I wouldn’t call it great either. I can’t decide either a C+ or B-. I really only have 3 complaints, Hulk being an agent of shield is dumb, it completely goes against the hulk’s character and what he stands for, Hulk wearing armor is stupid, why in the world does Hulk need armor?! And finally, Hulk not speaking. This whole thing of marvel writers echoing the tone and the feel of the Avengers movie is ridiculous. Hulk has been a popular and successful character 50 years before the movie came out and 10 to 15 years before the tv series. Not only is he not speaking in Waid’s run the but avengers book as well. I will always be a Hulk fan and collect his title, but as far as I’m concerned the true marvel characters I grew up on and enjoyed are dead. To me marvel now is an alternate reality. I know it’s not but I’m just seeing it that way. Marvel won’t always suck. In the future things might get better, but the Hulk is the only title I have an interest in, well also red she hulk and thor. This won’t last forever and like I said I don’t hate this run, I just have some disagreements. I have a little faith in Waid, we’ll just have to wait and see……

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