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30 Days of Transformations – Day 24


When friends of mine laugh at the fact that I still read comics – and call them “funny books” (yes, there are people who still do that) all I can do is shake my head and feel bad for them.  I feel bad because there is so much emotion and amazing stories that they miss out on because they decide that stories told with pictures is child’s play… too bad for them.

Variant Alert Friday!

hulk o 008

I was going through TRU the other day and noticed the MU Avengers Boxed set was being released again.  I figured, since I had it already, that I didn’t really need to take a look at it – but something compelled me.  I looked at the Hulk figure… something was… off.  I figures I was being paranoid and then left the store without the set.  Then I went home I looked at the figure I have and it seemed the same… but also didn’t.  I couldn’t put my finger on what was different but, alas, I just forgot about it and moved on.  Then, I went to Target tonight…

hulk o 009  hulk o 010

Sure enough the Avengers Boxed set was sitting on the shelf again and I couldn’t help but to look at it.  Something was not right.  I decided to purchase the set and then go home and compare.  As you can see, by the pictures I posted, I was right!  The new re-release sets have a Hulk with a slightly different paint job – a brighter green – without a wash over him!  I was psyched – mainly because I seem to be the first person mentioning this variant.  Which does not happen very often!  So, Hulk completests, just so you know – there is another Hulk figure to get!

hulk o 011