Variant Alert Friday!

hulk o 008

I was going through TRU the other day and noticed the MU Avengers Boxed set was being released again.  I figured, since I had it already, that I didn’t really need to take a look at it – but something compelled me.  I looked at the Hulk figure… something was… off.  I figures I was being paranoid and then left the store without the set.  Then I went home I looked at the figure I have and it seemed the same… but also didn’t.  I couldn’t put my finger on what was different but, alas, I just forgot about it and moved on.  Then, I went to Target tonight…

hulk o 009  hulk o 010

Sure enough the Avengers Boxed set was sitting on the shelf again and I couldn’t help but to look at it.  Something was not right.  I decided to purchase the set and then go home and compare.  As you can see, by the pictures I posted, I was right!  The new re-release sets have a Hulk with a slightly different paint job – a brighter green – without a wash over him!  I was psyched – mainly because I seem to be the first person mentioning this variant.  Which does not happen very often!  So, Hulk completests, just so you know – there is another Hulk figure to get!

hulk o 011


One response to “Variant Alert Friday!

  1. Nice catch! Now off to find one!

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