Blog Retired Thursday

Yes, the title is true – I am retiring this blog.  This was not a light decision to make and trust me – I will miss it – but it’s time to move on to other ventures.  I am leaving this blog up and will be checking in from time to time, answering questions and updating the pages – but there will be no more posts showing off my collection or reviewing comic books.  Thanks to all who have visited over the years and thank you for always coming here to have a bit of conversation.  It was fun.

As far as the collection goes: most of it will be sold off to a comic shop – although I will be keeping my Hulk run and a handful of pieces – but if anyone out there is interested in anything that I have – let me know SOON.  Email me at and I will tell you if I am interested in selling and give you a price.  Otherwise, I may see you at a comic con or in a video or two on my YouTube account – but this blog is officially… done.

46 responses to “Blog Retired Thursday

  1. 😦 very sad!
    Greets from a german reader

  2. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    Rachet I cant believe it. I hope you reconsider. Thanks for sharing your collection. Since I had to give up my collection due to working abroad, I have been collecting vicariously through your blog. How about just posting reviews, I always loved reading them the most. Anyway Im sure Im not the only one who will plead for you not to stop. All the best for the future, and I hope there is some small way we can all keep in touch with you.

    • I will be checking in here from time to time – I have gotten so many emails, calls and texts from people who are really bummed about my decision – but I think it’s for the best… at least for now. There are many reasons why – some which I will get into in a soon to be posted post

  3. wow i hope this is a late and terrible april fool’s joke.

  4. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this site and got tons of respect for you ratchet! But this is your decision and I must respect it. I can understand a busy schedule preventing you from posting blogs and can’t find the time anymore but why sell your Hulk stuff? You have ALOT and I can only imagine how many years that took, but to give it away? That’s almost comparable to removing a limb!!

    • I am not selling everything – just a good chunk of it – the Hulk comics stay with me – as well as a handful of statues and figures. Just time to downsize.

  5. oh man yeah I agree with bixbyreed hope its a late terrible april fool’s joke, even if I don’t post much, I still come on here and check it out and I like reading your post, and to sell your Hulk stuff I don’t know if I could do that matter of fact I wouldn’t sell anything, well maybe a little, but to give it all up no way. GOODLUCK

    • I will still collect the Hulk title – and have some pieces – but the majority of it is going… it will be good for me

      I think… 🙂

  6. NOOOO!!!!!!

    I can certainly understand getting rid of parts of the collection (I’ve had to do the same). But, are you ceasing to pick up any of the new In Hulk comics as well? There’s literally nobody that pure Hulk fans can turn to on the web, you had it cornered. Hoping you reconsider and keep it alive in some format.

    • There are a few Hulk sites (in the links on the side) like Jade Giant’s site and The Engine of Destruction that will still be around. This site will still be up – just no (or at least very limited) postings.

      And yes, I am still buying the Hulk title

  7. It’s sad that your selling your collection and that you choose to retire. I hope that things at home are good and if they are not I pray and hope that they will be. You and your words will be missed, like all things in life there are changes good or bad and we all must cope positively with the outcome. As always may GOD keep you and your family healthy, safe and happy. Long live the RATCH!

  8. Hmmmm….I’m calling BS…..April Fool’s indeed….
    A man of your conviction and Hulk-fanaticism does not simply up and sell off his beloved collection of awesomeness!

    • It’s not a joke – and I am not giving everything up – maybe once the dust has settled on what I am letting go I will display what I have left over.

  9. Elspeth Perry

    Ratchet what is going on here? are you lost interest in Hulk? there are lot of changing now with red Hulk, Red she Hulk..etc nothing are same anymore. so isn’t that why you finally give up and dumped Hulk?

    • Many, many reasons on why I am doing what I am doing – but I am not giving it up all together. Just lost interest in paying more and more for statues, busts, figures, comics – when the quality is not where it should be.

  10. Wha????? You can’t be serious!!! This is a great blog, and someone must have hijacked your account. How else am I going to spend 8 hours of my workday? Cmon!


  11. What?!?! I sincerely hope that all things are OK and that you aren’t retiring the blog for unfortunate reasons. It was you and Steve that finally pushed me to open my site.

    • Good to talk to you the other day Dave!

      • You too Ryan! Glad to hear that all is OK – good luck on the sale. I have been in the process of selling stuff over the years as well but I have been focused on the non-Hulk items to clear space and create funds for more green. I think we all go through a cut back phase but I like to think about it as being more focused. Now if I could only get around to tackling that mountain of long boxes … lol followed by a sigh

  12. Please tell me this is an April Fool’s joke that’s just a few days late. Please.

  13. Thanks for sharing your love of all things Hulk with us all!

  14. If you really are quitting why now? After so much money and time was spent? Why quit now?

  15. Ratchet, – your collection, your reviews, your humor, are all first rate and I will miss this fantastic blog. Good luck in your new ventures if this really is the end of the strongest blog there is. Simon (aka SREW)

  16. Hey Rachet,
    How about putting some kind of forum on this site so the Rachet community can post about their hulk collection and write reviews of the comics. That way the community could could remain together and you wouldnt have to put much time into the site.
    all the best for the future.

    • I would – but having a forum is like a full time job! I don’t have the time or resources to set that up. Feel free to come here anytime and ask a question or comment on any post – people will still come here and respond – I bet!

  17. Godzillaaaaaah!

    Congrats man, I really enjoyed this blog while it was up. Best of luck to you in your future endeavors!

  18. Id be interested in buying the faceoff hulk, not the variant tho, have that already. Also spiderhulk figure, loose or MOC . Let me know:) take care bro:)

  19. I’ve enjoyed your blog over the years. Hate to see you go. Your site introduced me to quite a few sites that I enjoy visiting. Loved seeing your collection (especially your vintage pieces) as it is very similar to mine (although more impressive). Good luck to you in the future.

  20. Hulk Fan, Godzilla Man!

    This blog is awesome and I admire your passion for all things Hulk. As a fellow collector, I understand downsizing. I just hope your passion for the green guy will live on… Thanks!!!

  21. I’ve visting the blog very often, but never left a comment… It’s very sad to read this. Thank you for sharing all your stuff with us. Good luck!

  22. Wasabi_hulk sad!

  23. I’ve also been a long-time reader, rare contributor. Just wanted to thank you for your years of dedication and commitment to delivering us with the BEST Hulk-related news on the planet. You’ll be missed, but go in peace, knowing how much we’ve appreciated your hard work. 🙂

  24. I have been a long time reader also, I will miss all your story’s, but before you go, what is the value of a Hulk head by Durham 1980 NIB? I just found this in my mothers storage. Just wondering, and Good Luck with your life.

  25. Dang….there was some good times on this site.

  26. Hey, just wondering what site people are visiting for their Hulk fix now that Ratchet has abandoned us 🙂 I just realised I havent read any Hulk stuff since Ratchet closed the blog. Im only really interested in the comics, but have a passing interest in other Hulk stuff if it is interesting and well written. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
    Oh and Ratchet, I hope all is going well for you in your Hulkfree life! How about a little update now and then to let us know how the Hulk sell off is going, thoughts about the current direction of the comics, and of course a little about how you and family are faring in these Hulkless times!

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