Some eBay Auctions!


Click on the image to be brought to some of the items I have for sale on eBay – buy something if you are so inclined!  I am really looking to do a few home improvements as well as adding some different items to the Hulk collection!  I am selling off some things that I figure I can do without – some really RARE figures – so please – make a bid!  If figures are your thing you should look at what I have to offer!

One of the reasons for this slight purge of stuff is that I have another little one on the way and I would really like to get some home improvements done before he or she gets here!  Hopefully it is a he – I will keep you guys updated! Thanks for looking!


9 responses to “Some eBay Auctions!

  1. Congrats on the upcoming addition to the Hulk household! Good luck on the auctions!

  2. Congrats Ryan that is great news! Good luck with the auctions – I will take a look.

  3. Does anyone wonder if Mark Waid is going to use this whole time travel story to erase or rewrite the Hulk’s continuity? It is interesting that last issue it looked like he turned into the Maestro for a moment.

    If he does what are anyones thoughts about this? Maybe he wants to undo the whole child abuse angle somehow. In a way that might be a good thing. None of the Hulk’s writer’s have ever been able to explore that successfully.
    Does anyone else think that adding that angle was a wrong move?

    • I swear I will read this story line tomorrow – then I will get back to you about this Zeno… that would sure be interesting though

  4. You haven’t read issue 13 yet?

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