Marvel Universe Abomination & Grey Hulk (2013)


The truly amazing thing about the Marvel Universe figures is that they were coming off a historic run with Marvel Legends.  Hasbro needed to make a bigger profit margin and I was disappointed with this line in the beginning but really grew to love, even look forward, to new series from this line.  The first serving of the Hulk wasn’t fantastic – but later molds proved to be brilliant.  A few years ago, with the release of King Hulk, people asked for a classic Hulk in the sculpt.  Hasbro was quick to make good on that and even served up a Red Hulk of the same in the “Heroic Age” boxed set.  With the death of the MU line fast approaching people are certainly clamoring to get these last few figures, including the new Grey Hulk.  I was excited about getting this as well – only, when it arrived I realized the seller I bought from didn’t package the figures securely enough.  The packaging of the Grey Hulk was busted open.

Busted package of the Grey Hulk
Busted package of the Grey Hulk

As much as a downer as that was I was also elated at how amazing the Abomination figure looks.  I am waiting to find the A-Bomb figure (and a new Grey Hulk) but for now I am happy to have the figures that I do.  There will be plenty of time to find the missing pieces.  Most of you know I have stream-lined my collection anyways, but the MU figures have made it.  Better pictures are on the way.

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4 thoughts on “Marvel Universe Abomination & Grey Hulk (2013)

  1. Hey man, enjoy your blog and Hulk love/collection. Just so you know Marvel Universe isn’t ending it’s just being rebranded, the same figure selection and articulation will continue under a new name. Can’t wait until I get that Abombination!

    1. Thanks – I know – I already covered it in an earlier post. But even this re-branding Avengers Assemble makes it seem like the end to what was a very great line.

  2. Well, let’s look at the backing cards to begin with – the MU figures all had original art on the packages – where the AA backing cards are all the same. We’ve been getting some interesting new figures thus far from AA but some of those were scheduled for an upcoming – but now defunct – MU series. Others are new figures of characters we already have…

    Not that they look bad – but I was looking forward to seeing the new unique figure that they were going to serve up. It took years to get to the point that they offered unique characters like “bag-head Spider-man”.

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