Who Loves Them Some Mego?

Better pics are on the way – but too excited NOT to show this off now!  I was able to acquire the 1975 Mego carded Hulk!  This is a very difficult carded figure to find – finally have the whole gang together!

still looking for an affordable boxed 8″ Hulk and a 12″ boxed Hulk that has the “Flying Action” claim on the front.


3 responses to “Who Loves Them Some Mego?

  1. Mego Hulk = my childhood

  2. Mine, too. My brothers and I had a mix of Marvel and DC characters, but never had a Hulk until I started collecting years later. I only have one version of the 8″ carded Hulk (and I can’t remember which one now), and aside from the Palitoy and boxed versions, never was going to try to get all of the carded variants, but now that I see them all together, maybe I will. Congrats, Ryan.

  3. Sadly, I didn’t have these as a kid. I’ve had loose versions forever though – when ebay first launched I remember snagging a couple of 12″ and an 8″ for pennies. The first time I got a carded version I was psyched – and them I realized there were variations on the carded figures.

    I wasn’t going to get them all – but then the opportunity rose and I went for it! I am trying to move things around now in the Hulk room to make an entire Mego shelf. Pics to come!

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