Catching Up Thursdays…

Let’s catch up on some comic book reading!  I usually only read two comics a month – not because of anything other than the two comics I read are the only ones I am interested in.  So, What has been happening in:


The Indestructible Hulk Issues #11-15 – Agents of T.I.M.E.

W: Mark Waid
I: Matteo Scalera, Kim Jacinto, Mahmud Asrar,

Wolverine destroyed the timeline in Age of Ultron.  He didn’t just destroy it – he decimated it – and now the heroes are feeling the effects.  Bruce Banner, who is now working for S.H.E.I.L.D., is frustrated with the unfortunate timing of his newest discoveries – things that will help humanity – except he is a bit too late.  Every time!  Stark, Reed and the other intellectual heavyweights keep beating Banner to the punch.  But with the threat of the timestream destroying the universe, and chronarchists using the broken time as their playground, it’s up to Hulk and robot Banner to save the day.  Hulk has to stay furious, though, because traveling through the timestream will rip his fragile alter ego’s fleshy covering apart.  Waid’s handling of this story line is at times hilarious, confusing and exciting – but always a fun read!  Watching the Hulk travel to mid-evil times, chasing the baddies Khotto and Zarko, trying to stop their meandering ways is wonderful.  Hulk battling Abomination on the moon and fighting Fin Fang Foom on the high seas are pretty enthralling – and then back to the beginning… the Hulk’s beginning that is.


This time jump leaves the Hulk rescuing past Banner as he rescues Rick Jones.  The Hulk takes the brunt of the gamma bomb (again) and is turned into uberHulk… which is a just as silly as it sounds.  I thought it would be fantastic to see Maestro at ground zero again, like we did at the end of the Future Imperfect, but we can’t have everything we want.  Zarrko and Khotto’s motives aren’t exactly clear and the story does get wordy toward the end with Banner trying to explain it all – but still, Waid’s handling of the Hulk thus far has been a fun ride.  I am happy that this particular storyline is over though as it was getting a bit long in the tooth – of course – we have now moved the Hulk’s story into the latest Marvel event “Inhumanity”.  I am not sure if this is part of Waid’s plan or if it is being forced upon him by the higher ups at Marvel to have the Hulk title intertwined in the events – but here’s to hoping this next arc really wraps up better than this one did.

Grade *** out of 5


Thunderbolts Issues #14-18

W: Charles Soule
I: Jefte Palo, Terry Pallot

I have followed the Red Hulk from his inception.  Every article leading up to the premier of his own title (Even though Marvel really dropped the ball when coming up with a name for this character. Something a little more original would have been better) I read – and bought the title, even under protest upon learning that Loeb was writing this character into the gutter of the Marvel Universe.  As the inconsistencies and continuity issues continued to rise the sales (and people’s interest) began to falter.  By the time the Red Hulk’s identity had been revealed no one cared anymore.  His titled was turned over to his as equally crimson daughter and Red moved to this group title, now sharing the spotlight with The Punisher, Flash Thompson’s Venom, Elektra and Deadpool.  While I can’t stand Deadpool as a character I do like this book.  The art can be hit or miss (IMO mostly miss) but the stories have been worth the ride.

They continue to bring back forgotten Hulk villains, the first was Madman – and lest we forget that a ruby reincarnation of his brother, the Leader, is along for the ride – they also have Mercy, who was released inadvertently by Ross and now keeps her close until he figures out a way to destroy her.  While the original arc began with the “team”  doing Ross’ bidding on a secret mission it is now the other members turns to choose the mission.  Up first is Punisher – who has a simple request – kill the mob family that all the other scum on the streets answer to.  The thing is, with Infinity happening, an alien invasion is occurring just at that moment, making completing Castle’s request a bit more complicated.


The thing that makes this comic so enjoyable, for me anyways, is that the group never seems to stay together and each member, even if they are working with other teammates, have their own adventures to follow.  This is an unexpected, consistent good read month after month.  I say to pick it up!

Grade: **** out of 5


7 responses to “Catching Up Thursdays…

  1. Glad youve finally got back to the reviews Rachet. I was really looking forward to Waid’s run, but Im finding it average. It was a relief to me to finally have a proven writer on board after the rubbish of the last few years, but it feels to me like Waid isnt really interested in the book and is just collecting the cash. I wish they would give it back to PAD now that he has finished with X-Factor.

  2. I agree – I was hoping for a whole lot more – but at least we’re getting a somewhat readable story… Unlike the Loeb and Aaron years

    • Waid is not doing a bad job,many people were expecting more from him. He could do much better. He just isn’t into the character the way Pak had been. Loeb and Aaron would be hard to beat for poor Hulk stories. Was anybody else here hoping that Waid would find a way to take Aaron’s stories out of continuity?

      I have not read any of the new Thunderbolts series. But since you think so highly of it maybe it is worth a shot.

      Are you going to review the Hulk annual Jeff Parker wrote? It was pretty good.

  3. Yes, that’s next on my list. I agree that Waid isn’t doing a bad job, at all, but it also seems like he’s not really letting loose. We need another ambitious writer who loves the Hulk to write an epic. Waid isn’t getting that across…

    • Exactly. Planet Hulk was a epic. And I also think Skaar is a interesting character who can add much to the Hulk mythology. I know you are not fond of him but he really has potential. The reason the Hulk family thing did not work as well was because they did not figure out how to use the characters. That reminds,what has happened to Lyra?

      • It’s not that I didn’t like Skaar – in fact I started to really enjoying his stories – but the real issue is ( the same thing with the Red Hulk) these characters aren’t very different from the Hulk himself. If we already have the Hulk – why do we need copies running around not adding anything to the mythos

      • There were a few I would like to add. It seems that Waid’ is using some of the ideas from the middle period Mantlo’s run. Banner is working as a scientist and he also has the Shield connection like he did with Katherine Waynesbuorgh in those issues though here he is working himself for them. Plus the Banner mind back in the last story arch looked alot like that robotic globe that he had back in those issues. Finally in the last or second to last issue of the last story arch there was one point were he/it said “Berrett”. She was in the book at that time. Has never been seen since. Was’t the globe created from technology Berrett used? This could be a subtle hint or clever easter egg.

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