Hulk Room Update

lots 002

I was able to snag a glass case from TRU.  A case that otherwise would have ended up in the trash – glad that they were so eager to get rid of it – something this big would have easily cost close to a grand.  While the set-up inside has changed over a few times only the best and my most cherished pieces go inside.

lots 017

lots 016

The top shelf has a nice re-creation of one of the Hulk’s most famous covers – TIH #181 – and all of the CGC and silver age beauties in the collection.  The second shelf has changed over a few times but now includes some of Bowen’s best and brightest statues: Maestro, Doc Samson, the latest Hulk (screaming head variant), and one of the most amazing – Planet Hulk.  The third shelf displays the busts of Hulk and is rogues gallery.

lots 010

The final (and bottom) shelf is my pride and joy – a gathering of the Mego pieces I have.  This includes the 12″ Hulk in box, Die Cast Metal Hulk in box, the many card variations of the 8″ Hulk, a pocket Mego Hulk, the Hulk helicopter and van, and the Hulk Utility Belt.

lots 013

lots 014


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