Hulk Mashers (2013)

christmas 14 022

christmas 14 019

Today I bring you fine people the new Avenger’s Hulk Mashers.  This is in a set of figures that have interchangeable parts that can make some funked up looking characters.  The Hulk with Caps’s arms?  Thor’s leg and Iron Man’s… equipment?  I mean you sort of have to ask yourself, “Why?”  I am not so sure this was the way to go when you’re looking for new series to release.

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christmas 14 020

This figure comes with a few accessories, namely something that looks like a piece of armor attached by a hose and cannon that has a real firing projectile.  I didn’t think they made toys like that anymore – but alas I was proven wrong!  The action cannon makes up for the hokey theme of this series of figures.  Overall, I do like this figure enough to recommend it to any other collector’s out there.

christmas 14 021

Grade: C+

5 responses to “Hulk Mashers (2013)

  1. I had first seen this figure on ebay around Thanksgiving, but wasn’t willing to pay the premium they wanted for a figure that hadn’t hit the market yet. I ended up buying one online from TRU when I was cyber-shopping for Christmas presents. I agree with you; it is a bit of a bizarre entry for a figure, but overall I like it.

  2. What were they asking? I thought the retail was already a bit pricey. I thought the same thing when I saw the micro muggs on line. I was in no way going to pay the outrageous prices they had them for – and it was a good thing I didn’t because when I finally did see them in the store I was shocked at how little and unimpressive they were!

  3. The people on ebay were asking anywhere from $35 to $46.99. TRU has it on their site for $19.99.

  4. So while I was running errands today, I stopped in to my local TRU. It looks like there are three “levels” to these figures with different prices. The most basic figures without a lot of accessories (Captain America, Hawkeye, Dr. Doom) were $9.99. The biggest box sets with lots of extra pieces (Iron Man and Wolverine) were $19.99. The most confusing thing was that the mid-level sets (Thor, Hulk, War Machine) were priced at both $14.99 and $16.99 depending on whether they were on pegs or shelves.

  5. I noticed the different price levels as well – although I just saw $15.99 and $19.99. I still thought that was a bit high – but I figured I will just get one and open it up and see what it’s all about

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