Daily Archives: January 8, 2014

Wow… A Series Relaunch… Again?

hulk pooping

How has Marvel continued along the same path for years now without keeping in mind that readers are going to tire of all the ridiculousness.  What am I talking about exactly?  Well, Marvel is re-launching the Hulk title… again.  Since the events of Planet Hulk (and including the Red Hulk series which served as the sole Hulk title at the time) the Hulk has been re-numbered and re-launched four times.  FOUR TIMES!  Since 2008.  That’s four times in 7 years.  While it should be something that most people over look I may take this time to stop collecting.  Stop reading.  I have read the Hulk every month since 1991.  23 years of my life has been dedicated to the jade giant – and yet this type of business practice is truly getting to me.  I maybe done.  We still have a few issues of the Indestructible Hulk to go.  Let’s see how they wrap up this series.  Click on the image for the link.