Wow… A Series Relaunch… Again?

hulk pooping

How has Marvel continued along the same path for years now without keeping in mind that readers are going to tire of all the ridiculousness.  What am I talking about exactly?  Well, Marvel is re-launching the Hulk title… again.  Since the events of Planet Hulk (and including the Red Hulk series which served as the sole Hulk title at the time) the Hulk has been re-numbered and re-launched four times.  FOUR TIMES!  Since 2008.  That’s four times in 7 years.  While it should be something that most people over look I may take this time to stop collecting.  Stop reading.  I have read the Hulk every month since 1991.  23 years of my life has been dedicated to the jade giant – and yet this type of business practice is truly getting to me.  I maybe done.  We still have a few issues of the Indestructible Hulk to go.  Let’s see how they wrap up this series.  Click on the image for the link.

10 responses to “Wow… A Series Relaunch… Again?

  1. Hey ratchet,
    I’m feeling similar. Ive been collecting Hulk for a similar time frame and have the lot except for issues 1 ( holy grail ) and 3. The way I see it Marvel just don’t give a shit about the fans as the movies have brought on more than ever so they just don’t need us die hard fans. The single issues are designed for the trade so volumes it is and from their point of view why not renumber every year or two as it generates more interest and revenue. I collect around a dozen other titles and Hulk is the only one I’ll stick with from Marvel or DC and it’s really out of tradition as I love the character so much. Independent publishers produce far greater quality whilst respecting their customers.
    Thanks, Andre

  2. I agree, Andre, the independent publishers are releasing more interesting and creative stories and at the same time seem not to be padding sales with gimmicks like relaunches, variants and annual events comics.

    • Spot on. I used to buy plenty of the variants and now I just get the ones I like rather than getting drawn into the “gotta have it all” collector mentality which Marvel is hoping we’ll do. I’ve got a couple of the current no.1 variants and the Lego one which I thought was cool and that’s it for me. I’d rather save the dollars for real creators who care ( or a Hulk 3 ) to complete my set ! As far as I can see it all the stories for Hulk have been told years ago, let’s hope I’m proven wrong.

  3. It is getting stupid at this point. Just go back to the original numbering, have some history with the book.

    • Totally agree. I started reading Hulk about 30 years ago now, and this relaunch crap is getting a bit old. I long for the days when a new creative team taking over a book just happened, and the book continued on without the need for a relaunch. At the rate they’re going, they should just relaunch the book every January, and change the title to Hulk 2014, Hulk 2015…. And I haven’t really cared for the last two relaunches that much. For me, they both started off with potential, but then quickly trailed off into mediocrity (both story and art). Some months the cover is the best part of the whole issue. I will pick up the new book with (low) hopes that it will be good, but I’m waffling along with Ratchet.

  4. The logic of the relaunches escapes me. Do they expect people are more likely to buy the product because it is a first issue? Since comics are mostly read by people are serious fans this,that is not going to work. We know as long time readers that there is nothing special about a new number one. Second,if you do it so often it is only going to irritate readers.We remember they did this just awhile ago. It also makes things more confusing for dealers with telling apart issues. Maybe they think new readers who come from watching movies are more likely to buy it.

  5. This is in a related note. Since Maria Hill is in the Hulk I started reading Secret Avengers. In that book she is making a deal with Jeff Parker’s Modok. This is the one who was cloned that Parker created. Modok claims there is a high ranking SHIELD person who acted as a double agent for AIM. Does anyone think it could be Hill herself? Remember Bruce has something on her that he is using to blackmail her. We saw this back in Waid’s first issue. It also interesting that both titles in which she is a regular character are being rebooted the same month. Does anyone follow this title? If so,who do you think the spy is?

  6. Speaking of Avengers,last year Hickman established that the Captain Universe power was one in the same of the New Universe power of Warren Ellis. This led me to read the New Universal work and there are some interesting discoveries that to made. There are still questions about how a power that comes from the microverse is driving something like the white event which gives the four different kinds of powers.

  7. I did agree with you guys about the old numbering system and relaunches until recently. Now, although I find the situation laughable, I am past being disappointed by Marvel. I actually expect them to disappoint me. These days I dont really care what the number on the issue is – I just wish I could read a Hulk story that I enjoy and dont instantly forget – one that makes me count the days until the next issue comes out, like the old PAD days. I dont think Ive enjoyed an issue of Hulk since before Planet Hulk (being probably the only Hulk fan who didnt like Pak’s runs).
    This relaunch is however even more pointless than the previous ones as they dont even have the pretense of reason with the intro of a new creative team as Waid is still the writer! They might as well just go with the mini series idea and start with a new No1 for every story arc of 4 to 6 issues so that it fits with trades.
    Some of you guys mentioned you are reading good independent comics – do any of you have any recommendations that I can try while I wait for Hulk to get good again. I reckon Ive got a few years to spare.

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