I Guess They Never Heard Not To Make Him Angry…

Listen, I get it – when the Hulk comes around and you feel as though you need to protect your homeland you might take extreme measures… but this:


Again, I know – it’s your turf – but don’t you think you can come up with a better plan than to nuke the ole’ saggy marble bag?  Well, if the Hulk wasn’t pissed before…

12 responses to “I Guess They Never Heard Not To Make Him Angry…

  1. Where is this picture from? Is it a old Peter David issue? Or is it from one of the Hulk’s guest appearances?

  2. Oh thats right. That was a decent series.Have you read the newest issue of Back Issue? It is a totally Hulk centered issue. And it was pretty good.

  3. This is not Hulk related but I think you should add a link to this review because it covers one of the best Peter David Star Trek scripts ever written. Since it is Peter David,would you be willing?


  4. Here is another link I am recommending you to post. This is in depth and insightful review of the first 6 issue of Lee/Kirby/ and Ditko’s Incredible Hulk.


  5. I just wanted to let yous know that there is a stretch hulk going on ukebay for £800

  6. hi i have tried to send you a link but cant, are you on facebook? if so i can send you a link that way? if you friend req daren spencer barling ( pic is hulk) i can send you it. thank you.

  7. Has anyone read Avengers 26? If you have,what did you think about the Hulk’s role in ti?

  8. The intriguing thing regarding the Hulk are two comments. First the alternate Hulk/Banner was controlled but there was the odd comment by the alternate Wasp who said “if I attack him it might affect the-“. What is really interesting is the fact that when the alternate Banner meets the Banner in his room he says “What are you doing here”. Shouldn’t there be a more dramatic reaction than that?

    Does anybody want share there thoughts on this?

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