Daily Archives: March 12, 2014

Second Ongoing Title for the Hulk!


Is it the 1990’s again?  Because that’s the last time the Hulk had a second ongoing title on the stands!  Granted, that only lasted 6 issues – but still!  And please don’t mention that the Red Hulk series was happening at the same time as  The Incredible Hulk – those are two different characters so it doesn’t count.  Alan Davis and Jim Starlin are bringing us Savage Hulk in June – sort of can’t wait!  We’ll see just how long it lasts – and it lessens the sting of Marvel relaunching the other Hulk title after just 20 issues.

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Guess That Panel! 3.14


One of the more popular features I had been doing on this blog was a game I called Guess That Panel.  I would feature a panel of artwork stripped of most it’s revealing clues of where it came from and had you guys guess where it was from.  I think the viewers of this blog were pretty accurate – but I did stump you with the last two I had posted.  So here we go again!  Remember – in the comments below try to guess the series and issue#.  Good luck!