Guess That Panel! 3.14


One of the more popular features I had been doing on this blog was a game I called Guess That Panel.  I would feature a panel of artwork stripped of most it’s revealing clues of where it came from and had you guys guess where it was from.  I think the viewers of this blog were pretty accurate – but I did stump you with the last two I had posted.  So here we go again!  Remember – in the comments below try to guess the series and issue#.  Good luck!

5 responses to “Guess That Panel! 3.14

  1. This is from a Thor comic – pretty sure – just don’t know WHICH one!

  2. It looks familiar, but I have to admit, without doing some research I’m stumped. I can’t recall ever seeing the Hulk on the Avengers roster at the same time as the Vision and Black Panther, and based on the vintage look of the art, I’m thinking an issue of “What If?”.

  3. It is not from a What If? But good guess!

  4. This is an easy one….. king size annual the mighty Thor# 5! War of the gods with Thor and Asgardians vs. Herclues and the Olympians with Jack Kriby cover. Great issue by the way. The image above is Karnilla the witch showing Thor the future.

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