Second Ongoing Title for the Hulk!


Is it the 1990’s again?  Because that’s the last time the Hulk had a second ongoing title on the stands!  Granted, that only lasted 6 issues – but still!  And please don’t mention that the Red Hulk series was happening at the same time as  The Incredible Hulk – those are two different characters so it doesn’t count.  Alan Davis and Jim Starlin are bringing us Savage Hulk in June – sort of can’t wait!  We’ll see just how long it lasts – and it lessens the sting of Marvel relaunching the other Hulk title after just 20 issues.

click the pic for more info!


One response to “Second Ongoing Title for the Hulk!

  1. Wow and before that it was the incredible Hulk comic and the rampaging HULK magazine from the 70’s and 80’s. I’m glad to see another issue with the Hulk (he gets NO love what so ever). No new Hulk movie either but talk about making a film for Black widow, talk about taking a big slap in the face to the Hulk who an icon……just sad.

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