Marvel Infinite Hulk Now (2014) – The Review

my boy 008

So, like I stated before in an earlier post, it’s nice to get a new Hulk figure especially in a line that has just began and served up 2 previous releases in it’s first wave.  Both Cap and Iron Man are the same figures that were released under the MU line – and amazingly Hasbro, in their infinite wisdom, has given IM the lion’s share in the case assortment.  From what I’ve been told the breakdown is as such: IM – 3, Cap – 2, Hulk – 2, Grim Reaper – 2 Hyperion – 2, Wasp – 1.  I guess they decided to give an extra IM because there aren’t enough Stark figures already cluttering up the pegs at your local big box store.

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The Hulk figure itself looks pretty good.  A new head sculpt to reflect the recent look of the Hulk is pretty spot on – and the inclusion of the SHEILD armor is a nice touch.  Still not sure exactly why the Hulk wears the armor – but the design is fun enough that I don’t let it bother me.  The only thing I think could have been better is the paint application.

From the beginning of the MU line the figures were washed over with a dark paint to catch the crevasses and highlight the details in the sculpt.  They seemed to forgo the washes this time leaving the figure looking somewhat flat and cheap.  From what I’ve been told – since I only have a single figure and I always keep one on the card, when I find another I will open one – but the top armor is re-moveable.  That’s a somewhat decent feature since I know someone who doesn’t like the armor and wanted to take it off – but the gloves, pants, belt and boots are painted on.

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While the line itself might be off to a rocky start, IMO, the first serving they gave us of the Hulk is actually one of the better figures!  I do like the new packaging – but it still pales in comparison to the Marvel Universe backing cards – the original art of the character inside beats the new, sleeker black packing of Marvel Infinite.  Grade: B- 


3 responses to “Marvel Infinite Hulk Now (2014) – The Review

  1. My lcs had set one aside for me, and I picked it up today. They told me there was only one Hulk per case. They had 2-each of the other characters, except for Wasp, which there had been only one of as well (they had set her aside for another regular customer). Overall, it is a very nice addition to the Hulk pantheon of figures, but like you said, I do miss the MU packaging.

  2. That’s strange… Maybe my LCS guy was mistaken. I’m pretty sure they are 12 to a case though – and then the math doesn’t add up. I don’t know – all I am certain of is that it is a real shame they re-released IM and Cap in the premier wave in a brand new line.

  3. They may have sold some other figures by the time I got there, but they said there was only the one Hulk and they set it aside for me.

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