A Mystery Solved


I recently received an inquiry about a comic that is in possession of viewer of this blog.  He had the above comic and was inquiring about what it was.  He knew it wasn’t an original copy of Hulk #1 but couldn’t find information on what he thought was a reprint.  Well, after some digging, I was informed by someone that this is actually a piece of the first trade ever released by Marvel titled “Origins of Marvel Comics”.  While the trade is very sought after by collectors – having only a piece of the trade, like this, has unfortunately no real value.

origins book

The man who let me know – we’ll call him Bud (mainly because that’s his name) – sent me the pics of the trade cover and the page inside.  He let me know he has seen it a few times – especially when the trade first came out – where people cut out the pieces of the trade and sold them off as original #1’s.  Please be aware!

origins hulk

For the record – this is what a authentic #1 looks like:


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