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Marvel Superheroes Hulk (2013)

March 14 032

I remember finding this little guy last year some time ago as I strolled around the super market.  It’s funny – I think the week or two before my wife informed me we were going to have another child and I sort of knew it was going to be a boy.  I said it right away and even had everyone referring to the baby as a “him”.  I was overwhelmed and crazy excited at the same time.  Then I stumbled across this little Manga looking Hulk and it made me laugh.  It was a scene from a movie where the new expectant father is unsure of what the future holds and then he sees something and the world make sense again.

March 14 033

March 14 034

This little dude resides in Antone’s room – where he will hopefully become his favorite toy someday – and he will keep him forever.  The big chunky wheels with the “H” hub caps – hey, any pimp can have personalized plates – but personalized hub caps?  That’s a whole different level of incredible-ness!  And what other color would his car be?  It’s got to match his attire!

March 14 036