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Hulk Bike Lock (2014)

princess party 051

I am pretty sure that there are two groups of people coming up with merchandise – one group is a bunch of people interested in making a ton of money and want to use commercialized characters on any piece of crap to do so.  The other group is a bunch of people who have generally good, unique ideas on how to use licensed characters in an exciting and fun way!  Okay – this is a fallacy, I know, but it’s still more comforting to think that these products aren’t generated by the same people.  I really thought that this bike lock showed a small amount of brilliance.  Also, the fact that it is password protected rather than just a number lock is a whole different level of cool!

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Remember – Guess That Panel is Still Unanswered!


Anyone with an idea on where this panel is from gets a genuine No-Prize!  Comeon, guys!  Take a guess!  If no one answers by next week… I will chalk that up as a win and answer it!