Dollar Shop Hulk (2014)

the boy 022

I am pretty sure that most people are walking right by these – and rightfully so – they are cheap looking, cheaply painted, no articulation and downright ugly.  So why do I get so excited over stuff like this?  I have no idea!  This is just a repaint of the cheaper Avengers Assemble line Hulk that hit big box stores last year.  Both lines of these series are cheap figures designed to release something more for children rather than collectors – which is fine.  Actually I am glad they made these – I even like the card art better than the Avengers Assemble backer card art – because it does seem that they are making these toys more for adults sometimes.  I am not saying any collector’s SHOULDN’T pick this up – all I am saying is that this figure has it’s place and I don’t think figure collectors collections.

the boy 023

6 responses to “Dollar Shop Hulk (2014)

  1. I actually love seeing these cheapo toys on the shelves because it provides an easily accessible toy of a favorite character to kids whose folks might not be able to afford better versions. I really like this figure too… it really reminds me of the old Secret Wars figures from back in the day, and it’s nice to have a Hulk that fits in pretty well with that line. 😀

  2. I saw these popping up on ebay, and when I finally found him at my dollar store, I did end up picking one up. Not so much because of the figure; I actually liked the packaging enough to justify adding him to my collection.

  3. so was it at Dollar General or which Dollar store? I will need to pick this up of course.

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