Grab Zags Hulk Sticky Slingers (2013)

princess party 048

These came out some time last year – I am really trying to find some solid time to post regularly again – but life is so busy that it is just hard.  I do have the next review almost ready – and I will really try to post it before issue #3 comes out!  I have lots of things to post – the Hulk room is a disasturous mess right now – in an awesome way because there is just a ton of stuff to put someplace.  I also posted a new video on YouTube – if you’ve subscribed to my channel than you probably already know.  I usually post a link here – but I forgot because I am living life and enjoying my kid’s lives.  It’s all good, guys.  Life is good.

By the way – these are sticky Hulk figure things that you can sling at the wall, a car… or your sister’s hair.  Whatever floats your boat.

princess party 048 - Copy

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I am a man. I like the world I live in. I would like it better if pumpkins were available year-round though...

One thought on “Grab Zags Hulk Sticky Slingers (2013)

  1. I saw these when they came out last year. I went through what seemed like a million of packages trying to find a green Hulk, but all my store had was blue, so I had to settle for that one.

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