Who wants to Listen to Some Tunes?

hulk stuff oct 003

You have the chance to have your very own Hulk sound system – or at least one that will sound better than just listening to your phone speaker.  I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s at a time when it was all about bigger was better.  People had these huge sound system set-ups with 6 foot speakers, a sub-woofer and a control center.  Now, all you need is a sweet little Hulk pod like the one above and you can rock out to whatever makes you happy.  For me, depending on my mood, could be Journey, R.E.M., or a loud session of Neil Diamond.  Most of the time I have Alice in Chains, Madlib or Radiohead screaming from this little guy.

hulk stuff oct 001

The sound is really decent – not perfect, of course, but still it does the job when you want music out in the yard while you weed the garden – or doing something more manly… like chopping wood.  Yeah, that’s what I do!  I chop wood – with my bare hands, even!  and when I mow the lawn and the speaker will not do – I have a pair of Hulk headphones that drown out the loud motor.  Check these out!

hulk stuff oct 002

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