Large Hulk Figure (2014)

batism for the boy 047

Obviously, this thing is just a larger version of the dollar store Hulk figure that was released this year.  I do like the idea of these figures – most of the regular lines are geared towards collectors and have adult prices to boot.  I know I have gone on this rant before so I won’t get into it again – but good on Marvel for bringing out cheaper figures for the younger crowd!  The 3″ figure is decent enough as it is – but this 6″ figure is the absolute bomb!  It doesn’t have the articulation that any Marvel Legends did but it does look pretty nice.  It tops out at 4 joints (neck, waist and shoulders) but the sculpt is really fun.

batism for the boy 048

hulk stuff oct 009

It feels very hollow so it doesn’t have the weight that the Marvel Selects do – but I think that’s a smart move as well.  Listen, kids get angry and a lot of times they use whatever they have in their tiny hands to express that anger.  What do you want them throwing at you?  A 5 pound solid hunk of Marvel Selects plastic – or this thing that barley weighs a pound? Exactly.  Anyways, my LCS had these for a very reasonable $6 (compare that with $20-$30 for a ML) so I say to pick one up.  It’s worthy of taking up space in your man (comic) caves. Grade: B+

batism for the boy 049

hulk stuff oct 001

4 responses to “Large Hulk Figure (2014)

  1. what was the packaging for this? Trying to see what the name of the toy was to try and find it.

  2. No packaging on this one, Steve. It came from my LCS as it shown. Open and bare to this cruel world! Good luck in the hunt! If I see another – you want me to pick one up for you?

  3. I wasn’t going to get this originally since it was just a repaint, but my LCS guy set one aside for me since he knows I’m a Hulk nut, and once I saw it, I liked it well enough to pick one up. It definitely pops more with the larger scale and the brighter paint job.

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