Waid is OUT!


The writing was on the wall… Or at least on your twitter feed.  Waid let his frustrations be known a while back about the passion of Hulk fans and their response to his story arcs on Indestructible Hulk.  I, for one, championed his take… before is seemed side tracked and bogged down with tie ins to the latest “event” Marvel was rolling out.  This new re-launch seemed especially exciting… But alas, Waid is stepping aside in August.  Click the image to see the article.  Let me know what you guys think!


12 responses to “Waid is OUT!

  1. I like that it comes off as Hulk’s version of Armor Wars! I hope this means a thining of the hulk herd. To many gamma irradiated characters running around. Based off of Augusts solicitations it seems that there this is going to be a little less Banner and alot more Hulk.

  2. My major concern is the new guy writes humor titles. If Hulk is written like Deadpool or Nova are now. Ugh.

  3. Did anyone here read Hulk 3? Who thinks that the guy in the story might be Igor from the very first issue back in 1962? Yes he was supposed have mutated into something but he easily could have turned back. Maybe Hydra is also involved. Those suits look like Hydra uniforms.

  4. Here is Igor’s profile in the Marvel Appendix. http://www.marvunapp.com/Appendix/igordren.htm

    The picture looks like him. He encountered the Hulk when the day he first appeared,and he knew Banner before that. It seems to fit. But he is working with somebody.

  5. GreenScar1990

    This short interview from CBR is really cool.


    I’m liking what Gerry Duggan said, and I’m hoping he’ll be a solid Hulk writer akin to that of Greg Pak or Peter David. And I’m equally hopeful that we’ll get some massive threats/villains, epic action, interesting characters old and new alike, a progressed Hulk with the ability to speak in full sentences and SMASH anything or anyone that gets in his way, a selfless and heroic Dr. Banner, and most importantly a great story that we rightfully deserve.

    We certainly need it after dealing with nearly 3 years of mediocre/horrible Hulk comics that consisted of Jason Aaron & Mark Waid’s lackluster runs on our favorite Jade Juggernaut.

    God, I was happy when it was announced that Mark Waid was leaving. This entire of his on Hulk has been one of the most boring, lackluster, uninteresting, non-awesome, non-fun comics that I’ve ever read. Let him stick with Daredevil and other low-tier/street-level heroes from now on.

  6. Thanks for the head’s up Ratchet.
    When Waid was announced as the new writer I was really happy and positive about Hulk for the first time in years…until I read his first issue. Im even happier now that he’s leaving.
    I actually quit reading Hulk after this new issue 1 (Ive been reading since ’88). This has come just in time to get me back on board – at least for few issues until editorial make this guy churn out more of the same rubbish we’ve been reading for the last few years.
    Anyone know what the new guy is like? Should we excited or scared? What’s his style?
    Fingers crossed. At least I dont think its possible for the book to get any worse…is it?

    • Waid’s has been ok. But it is still better than it was under Jason Aaron. So yes it has been worse. Maybe you disagree. It seems they are not sure if this new guy is going to stay after the first story arch. Reading the interview that is what is hinted. He is going to inherit this story and finish up Waid’s work.

      • Re-reading my post does make it seem that I stopped reading because of Waid. Not really his fault, rather a build up of disappointments over the years. Too many disappointments to mention but Jason Aaron was the crescendo – total rubbish. For the first time in years I was excited about Hulk when I heard about Waid. Being let down by Waid was the just the last straw, I just sort of gave in really. Hulk is my favourite character but there are just so many other better comics to read both past and present that I felt I was wasting my time reading Hulk for the sake of it. But I will give the new guy a try…but I dont hold out much hope.

    • This new guy is a comedy writer (he writes Deadpool and Nova), so I’m a bit scared that they are going to turn Hulk into a comedy book. In the article he even states he’s going to be interjecting humor. I really don’t want the Hulk to become a cheesy, jokey book.

  7. I agree that Waid has been okay. I liked a few of his story arcs – but it lost it’s focus towards the end there…

    • Yes,that’s true. The whole time travel arc was the start of the loss of focus.
      One thing that unrelated to the Hulk is we know the people who created Adam Warlock used to Terriggen Mists. Hence we now have a continuity connection between two previously different parts of the Marvel Universe.

  8. Jefersonfernandez

    I’ve been looking everywhere for the Walt Mart digital comic! I didn’t get the special Wal-Mart exclusive version when the film came out and I love all the Marvel Cinematic Universe comic book tie-ins – now I’m kicking myself because this one is impossible to find. I to know any way to pull the data off the disc. because I can’t even find it anywhere online

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