My Thoughts On Waid…


This is it – I will not harp on the subject any longer after I say my peace with this post.  I am also not going to say that if you hated the Waid Hulk run that you are wrong – I am not going to give you reasons that you should have liked it – because I agree that it could have been better.  Here’s what I will say, it started with a strong premise – a NEW premise – one that had great possibilities.  Banner is allowing SHIELD to use the Hulk as a weapon.  Banner gets to exploit his genius to help the world… finally.  He’s wanted to do something good for the world since The Incredible Hulk #1 when he created the Gamma Bomb.  He despised the fact that his creation could possibly be used to harm people – it was always about protection, about keeping people safe, with Banner.  But that’s not how things turned out.  Sadly.  Now was the time for Banner to use his brain to do what he always set out to do.  The new series was off to a great start when Waid not only had Banner address Tony about the trick that sent Hulk into space.  Then he brought back the Quintronic Man, had the Hulk deal with Atumma (a wasted opportunity when he could have brought back AQUON!) and even better – had Simonson come for a timetraveling Thor arc.  Things were going swell.


Where the fun ride ended – and keep in mind this may have not been entirely Waid’s fault – was where the Indestructible Hulk had to tie in with the big events.  First, after the Age of Ultron story line (and the Marvel timeline was broken) Hulk dealt with it in the pretty stagnant “Agents of TIME”.  An arc that could have been amazing had the finale led to a Maestro appearance instead of the forgettable UberHulk.  Think about it – Maestro was created by the Hulk’s over exposure to gamma radiation – or hell, they went back to the original gamma bomb detonation… where the Maestro WAS at the final scene of Future Imperfect.  Either way, wasted opportunity.  Then came the even worse tie in with Inhumanity.  A story arc that completely went off the rails with Banner creating a bomb to combat the effects of the mist triggering the dormant Inhuman genes in unsuspecting citizens.  It wasn’t just a tangent in the soild story line that Waid created prior but it was a tough read in general.


We were served with a harder pill to swallow when Marvel announced yet another re-numbering in the Hulk series.  A 5th re-start in 7 years.  Amazingly upsetting to any Hulk purists who just want to read good stories rather than Marvel focusing on the short boost in sales by slapping a #1 on the cover.  That being said, reading the first three issues of the recently re-titled “Hulk” I have to report that Waid seemed to get back into form and the issues have been stellar!  I love having Abomination back (even if it is a clone with a mysterious “driver”) but I think it was a step in the right direction.  A cool addition into the history of one of Hulk’s oldest enemies.  Could this have been what was supposed to happen next had Waid not tied into Age of Ultron or Infinity?  Maybe – would this have been the better step into this new “Indestructible Hulk”?  I think so – yes.  This would have had fans singing Waid’s praises, I think.  To me, Waid has always been sort of “slow burn” kind of writer.  He doesn’t pack every issue with action but he does set something up to have a nice pay-off in the end.  The problem, as usual it seems, is that Marvel has certain agendas of their own to keep and that includes tying into main events or returning Peter Parker back into his own body because a movie is coming out – whether you want to or not.

This has been the case for years – I know PD was constantly battling with editors who would tell him that he’d have to have a tie-in with whatever they wanted Hulk being part of.  The real problem is – it’s their character!  You sort of have no choice, as a writer, to do what you want with these characters because they aren’t yours to keep.  They are on loan from the owner, sort of speak.  You can only do what you’ve always tried to do… your best.  What was presented in the Indestructible Hulk was not Waid’s best but he didn’t become a legend in the business for nothing.  This is why I tend to believe he didn’t have full reign on what he was looking to do with the Hulk.  Of course, this is all speculated and I have no insider knowledge – except what Waid decides to tweet out.  First he said that Hulk fans were worse than Legion fans (I am paraphrasing as he never actually used the word “worse”) and then he said he was leaving the Hulk for no other reason than he wanted to focus on Daredevil.  I find that a bit hard to believe though… are you saying that if Hulk was being praised then you’d still be leaving?  I doubt it.  He then tweeted that he was making a lot of people happy by leaving the Hulk.  That last bit is interesting for sure…


We live in an age where information is spread so quickly.  Before the internet Marvel had to wait for letters to pour in to see the fans reaction to whatever was happening with their characters.  Not to mention, if you wanted your letter published you had to be diplomatic about any of your grievances and word it appropriately.  Now, reactionary fans go onto message boards, facebook, twitter and other social media sites to voice their opinions… most of the time more crudely than they ever would to someone’s face.  I’ve always hated that.  Ever hear the saying “The squeaky wheel gets the grease”?  Well, it seems that the squeaky wheels were the complainers this time around because they were heard loud and clear.  Granted, I am not talking about the posters from this site – the people here always seem respectful even when they don’t have anything nice to say.  I thank everyone for that.  Truly.

So here we are, and almost like a karmic bitch slap for how much complaining about Deadpool I do, the writer of Deadpool will be helming the Hulk series with issue #5.  I can nothing but hope for the best.  As always I will keep you updated.

– Ratch

7 responses to “My Thoughts On Waid…

  1. GreenScar1990

    I think that, other than greatly regressing Hulk’s character/personality and numerous other things that I can list, Mark Waid’s run wasn’t only disappointing, boring, lackluster, and uninspired…. it was filled with many missed opportunities and errors.

    Let me explain in further depth.

    One of the few good things of Waid’s run is that he gave Banner a bit more purpose. However, it’s not something entirely new nor did he manage to pull it off successfully, as Greg Pak still gave Banner more purpose. And despite what some may say, Waid’s Banner wasn’t the best version we’ve seen. In fact, there’s quite a few times where Banner written by Waid is more of a selfish, whiny, jerk/ass of a human being. I mean, during the Agent of TIME arch, he was about to walk away and leave UberHulk to ravage the world until he discovered that Betty wasn’t around thus forcing him to change his mind.

    And as you stated, having the Maestro appear was a major missed opportunity. But it’s not the only one. There’s quite many. So, being the fan I am, I’m going to speak my thoughts on Waid’s Hulk run.

    I’ve noticed quite a bit of continuity errors and blatant refusal of acknowledging past events in Waid’s Hulk run. A lot, in fact. If you recall, in the first issue, Banner didn’t mention the Mad Thinker once being a member of the Intelligencia, nor did he care to remark about SHIELD being involved with the Illuminati who shot him into space that led to ‘Planet Hulk’. That’s why I could never, ever see Banner or especially Hulk willingly working with SHIELD unless one or the other (or both) have an agenda or two.

    This is repeated once again in the 2nd issue, as is the fact that Banner and Stark have not spoken/seen each other since World War Hulk. Not once was this mentioned. Not at all. Speaking of SHIELD funding Banner’s research, didn’t Waid know that Amadeus Cho & the Olympus Group were already providing Banner with more than enough financial support for him to use his ingenuity and scientific prowess? Did he also forget about Banner’s base of operations called Gamma World, which is located in New Mexico (which was also last seen in Pak’s tenure)?

    This example of continuity error and acknowledgement of past events continues in the 4th-5th issue involving Attuma and the undersea Deviant city of Lemuria. Waid apparently didn’t do his research again, because last time I checked, the Deviants still lived and ruled Lemuria unchallenged. Don’t believe me? Check out the 2010-2011 cannon mini-series “Thor: The Deviants Saga”. I find it very hard to believe that the Deviants left the city, for if so why not mention it? They certainly weren’t bested by a chump like Attuma. And not one mention of Attuma’s appearance/power-up as one of the Worthy in Fear Itself, which could have given reason for Attuma’s attempt to rule and wield power again.

    Then there’s Abomination’s revival (or the false Abomination clone, as I like to think of it). What a damn waste of potential! Waid could have created an cool and truly engaging storyline focusing on Emil Blonsky’s return, complete with his power upgrade from the Chaos War arch of Pak’s run (or even more interesting, have him with not only a power upgrade… but possessed by Zom! I could imagine the internal, psychological struggle between Emil & the demonic entity, possibly deciding to cooperate in order to annihilate a shared enemy: The Hulk). Instead, what we have is a soulless, emotionless beast that’s about as interesting as Hulk was during Waid’s entire run. There’s no back and forth struggle between the two; no interesting dialogue; nothing. I can pretty much see how it’ll end. Hulk will use Captain America’s shield to decapitate the Abomination clone, though I hate to think that Hulk would need anything more than his fists to defeat Abomination in a fight.

    These are just some of the major ones. I could find others if I wanted to delve further into Waid’s tenure, but my lack of interest in regards to his yawn-inducing run compel me not to.

    I’m going to move away from the wasted potential part of my thoughts for now, because I want to point out what is basically wrong with Waid’s entire run. And I have a feeling that most will agree with me. It basically comes down to these 6 things:

    1) Hulk’s complete lack of personality and poor characterization. The Hulk, regardless of persona, is a unique being. He has his own thoughts, desires, motivations and feelings. He’s not a weapon or superpower. He is an individual entity. The Hulk and Banner are the same, yet different. Same person, two different entities (or more if you want to take in the various personas).

    Writers like Bill Mantlo, Peter David and Greg Pak made me want to care and follow the Hulk/Bruce Banner. But thus far, Waid hasn’t been able to pull it off. It’s even more insulting when one takes into consideration all the character growth Hulk/Banner have been through over the years. I mean, even with the Savage Hulk, Waid could have given us some great stories!

    Simply put, Mark Waid doesn’t understand the dynamic, the character, nor of the balance between the two beings that are Bruce Banner/The Hulk. This has been made quite apparent numerous times. I mean, ‘Gladiator Hulk’?! Are you F’ing serious?! It’s the Green Scar or Green King Hulk, dude! Do some research. It’s not that difficult.

    2) This also ties in to Waid’s blatant ignorance/acknowledgement of Banner/Hulk’s rich history and powerset. He’s made barely any references to any past stories, characters or events that shaped the Hulk/Banner’s life. I mean, truth be told, Waid didn’t even know Hulk could adapt to survive in any hostile environment ( like space or under water) or to attacks from enemies! He probably isn’t even aware of the fact that, if he desired, Hulk could easily split planets asunder in an instant if he were to truly let his strength go unchecked.

    Then there’s Waid’s excuse that Banner is jealous of the other heroic geniuses of the Marvel Universe, thus it being one of the driving points for him joining SHIELD. This is something that doesn’t jive right with me at all. Why the hell should Banner be jealous of Stark, Pym and Richards?! He shouldn’t give a damn or care less about those flashy eggheads. Banner is not a vain or jealous scientist, at least not that we’ve seen in previous runs. He’s outsmarted the likes of Richards, Pym, T’Challa, MODOK, Leader and Dr. Doom during Fall of the Hulks/World War Hulks. In fact, he’s outsmarted them numerous times and built things that made their jaws drop on more than one occasion. Banner doesn’t have anything to prove, especially when it comes to being one of the Smartest There Is.

    And, yes, I hate that he briefly turned Banner into a mentally-challenged Forest Gump… that really ticked me off. I actually found it very insulting, much like the condescension of Hulk’s intellect by Maria Hill in Waid’s Hulk #3 (Did Waid even read PAD or Pak’s runs at all?! Hulk is not stupid, not even Savage Hulk, as Mantlo shown in his early work that Savage Hulk can comprehend, perceive, and understand some pretty complex things. He’s not a super genius, but he’s certainly far from being stupid.)

    3) Inconsistent art and the poor supporting cast. It seemed that the series couldn’t maintain a steady artist whatsoever until Mark Bagley came onboard (at least for now).I simply don’t care for Banner’s scientist assistants or the SHIELD characters at all. They’re not very interesting. If they’d get killed off, I honestly wouldn’t care. I cared about and loved the members of the Warbound and the Pantheon of PAD & Pak’s tenures. I loved the love interests like Caiera, Kate Waynesboro, Marlo Chandler and Betty. But the supporting characters of Waid’s run? Sorry, I could care less about them. And the fault falls to the writer for not fleshing them out or making them even remotely interesting.

    4) Technically, this would go up there with wasted potential discussion, but I’ll get back to that after I’m done with this. Pointless arches that hold no true value and do nothing to progress the character. The ‘Gods and Monster’, ‘Agent of TIME’, and ‘Inhumanity’ arches were complete major wastes, with the G&M arch being nothing more than trolling the fanbase by fooling them by thinking Hulk finally lifts Mjolnir (which I still think the Green Scar persona could do). It seemed like Waid didn’t know what to do with Hulk/Banner. It appeared that there wasn’t a real long-term plan at all for the character.

    5) No massive threats or truly formidable villains. The villains of Waid’s run have been utterly lackluster. None of them feel like Hulk worthy villains. They’re simply not that much of a threat or a challenge to the Green Goliath at all. These are foes that the Joe Fixit incarnation of the Hulk could handle easily. Hulk/Banner should be taking on the biggest threats and the most powerful and deadly villains.

    Villains/Threats like: Mangog; Thanos and the Cull Obsidian; Tyrant; Juggernaut; High Evolutionary; Lord Armageddon and the Troyjan Armada; Dr. Doom; The Deviants; Typhon; Surtur and the Fire Demons; Sin, Crossbones, & the DOA; Ymir and the Frost Giants (like in JMS’ Thor run); The U-Foes; The Asgardian Destroyer; Kurse; Omegex; Ego the Living Planet; the Midgard Serpent; Shuma-Gorath; Abomination; Zom; Malekith and the Dark Elves of Svartalfheim; MODOK Superior, AIM, and HYDRA; Black Fog & Zero/One; Maestro Hulk; Galactus and his Heralds; The Leader; etc.

    These villains/threats are worthy of the Hulk. Fans want the Hulk/Banner to be tested, whether it be physically, intellectually, psychologically, or a combination of all three.

    6) Lack of awe-inspiring moments, no incredible displays of power. What’s the Hulk without these cool moments? And what’s Banner without displaying how cool and badass he is? We’ve had some great ones from Banner/Hulk in Greg Pak’s tenure, as well as PAD’s. I mean, we all know Hulk’s strength is incalculable. That’s nothing new. Show instead of tell, please. Do something incredible! I mean, honestly, what’s the point of having one of the most powerful, not to mention one of the most intelligent, heroes in the Marvel Universe if you’re not going to use him to his fullest potential?

    Now that I’ve gotten those out of the way, let’s get back to what I was discussing in regards to the wasted potential in Waid’s Hulk run. In the two-issue arch with Attuma, we could have instead had an epic multiple issue arch involving the Deviants and the threat they present to the world. This would have allowed the return of the Eternals, who have been really overlooked/snubbed by Marvel in favor of the Mutants & Inhumans (despite that I think the Eternals and their enemies the Deviant are just as interesting, if not more so than, the Mutants & Inhumans.) This could have tied-in to the Eternals last appearance in Jeff Parker’s Red Hulk series, as it was hinted that a collision between the Eternals & Hulks was inevitable. Instead, what we got was a disappointing two-issue story with Attuma and his army.

    Let’s move on to the next story arch that was further wasted potential. Hulk exploring the Nine Realms and teaming with Thor could be one of the most awesome, action-packed, and fun stories one could imagine… if they’re creative. However, once again, Waid majorly disappoints. All we get is some Frost Giants (not the awesome kind of brutish giants like in JMS’ Thor run, which would have been a lot of fun to see Hulk smash and batter) that shatter like glass, a trivial and boring expedition with Banner’s assistants with a younger version of Thor (prior to him joining the Avengers) to find something that’s used in another mediocre arch that I’ll soon discuss.

    I could just imagine the fun this arch could have been if we had someone like Greg Pak or Jeff Parker at the helm, providing us with immense threats, intense action, powerful villains, an engaging cast of characters and an entertaining storyline. This would have been great if it were a long story arch that actually explored the 9 Realms, with Hulk & Thor battling the likes of Mangog, Malekith, Ymir and the Frost Giants, Surtur and the Fire Demons, etc. All in all, this was a massive waste of potential. Man, if I were writer of the Hulk series, I’d be having a lot of fun! Sadly, that’s not the case, as Waid provided us with yet another sub-par story for our Green Goliath. I’m seeing a pattern here.

    Now, you’ve discussed the ‘Agent of TIME’ arch above. And, yes, it was a major waste of potential. Not just in the fact that we didn’t get to see the Maestro in the finale and that the story itself was mediocre. This story could have given us a chance to explore at point in time, and not just the Banner & Hulk’s past or future. There was just SO much awesomeness that could have been achieved here that it’s criminal. We’ve could have gone anywhere in the universe at any given point of time. The options are virtually limitless! Not only this, but this could have provided us with either Kang as the villain, or some other, equally powerful and imposing time-travelling threat. Unfortunately, as fate would have it, Waid chose to waste the potential that is given to him. It’s very depressing that a writer is given such a chance… only to waste it completely (though some say it could be that the Marvel Editors/Execs also have a hand in it, but given Waid’s the writer he’s got to take a good portion of the blame for the material he gives us).

    And finally, we come to Waid’s last arch before the relaunch of the Hulk title. Spawned from Infinity, the ‘Inhumanity’ arch also had potential if one knew how to approach it. But once again, Waid dropped the ball. No truly interesting storyline or developments (with the exception of Banner getting shot in the back of the head, as if we didn’t see it coming or if this hasn’t happened before), no major threats, or really anything of much interest. Though Waid once again had the side characters talk to and treat Hulk like a idiotic, mindless beast… which irks me greatly. Even before this point, I realized that Mark Waid’s Hulk series was merely an afterthought. It’s at the bottom of his writing projects. It definitely shows in the finished product. And don’t get me started on all the false promises and lies he stated in the numerous interviews regarding his Hulk run.

    This is basically my thoughts regarding Waid’s entire run on the Hulk, an aspect of Banner that he refuses to even treat like a character. That’s why when it was announced that he was stepping down as Hulk writer, I freaking celebrated (almost as much as when Jason Aaron departed the series, ironically enough). And to be quite honest, I don’t want to ever see him return to the character.

    Because if his ‘Original Sin: Hulk vs. Iron Man’ 4 issue tie-in with Kieron Gillen is any indication, it couldn’t come soon enough. Why? Because it appears that Mark Waid (and possibly the Marvel Execs/Editors) wants to screw over us Hulk fans and ruin Hulk/Banner’s origin by having Tony Stark forced into it by seemingly having Tony play a part in the Hulk’s creation.

    Having Banner feel guilt and anguish (not to mention taking the blame) for the Hulk being unleashed upon the world is something that made the character interesting. It’s what made the struggle and development of his character so compelling. It made Banner and Hulk more noble and selfless that they both wanted to make amends for their destruction in own respective ways, whether its Banner using his intellect to create or Hulk using his might to smash. And now Marvel, along with Waid & Gillen, want to ruin it.

    I mean, am I the only one sicked and tired of having Stark involved in almost everything? Am I the only one sick of having the MCU affect my favorite characters and the comics they’re in? Am I sick of this whole Science Bros stuff being shoved down my throat by Marvel? Yes, I am… and I’m not the only one.

    I would honestly like to hear your thoughts on these particular subjects involving our Green Goliath.

    • G-Scar – I have to tell you, you bring up some excellent points. Some we agree with very much, such as Waid missing out on real opportunities to include the Hulk legacy that has been building over 50 years. I think every writer right now is really looking to make his mark – instead of doing what PD did and add to the mythos. I didn’t hate Waid’s run as much as you – but I also can’t defend any of the points you made against him – because you are right!

      I will say – I don’t think the Hulk should be as powerful as writers have made him in the past. Adapting to any hostile environment is fine – until you realize that it means the Hulk can grow gills and breathe underwater. The Hulk should not be able to do that. The Hulk that I love reading so much has vulnerable weaknesses that he can overcome to win the day in the end. The issue I’ve always had with Superman is that he is too powerful and can not be beaten.

      As much as I love your enthusiasm there is no way the Hulk should have the ability to win against Thanos, High Evolutionary, Lord Armageddon and the Troyjan Armada; Ego the Living Planet or Galactus and his Heralds. Most of these are cosmic beings that are out of Hulk’s weight class. You can’t seriously think the Hulk should win a fight against Thanos or Galactus – or any of his Heralds – do you? I mean, Jeph Loeb was rightfully lambasted because he had the Red Hulk beating the Surfer (another character that could beat the Hulk) too easily – let alone at all!

      Everything else you’ve said is pretty much spot on – especially the over-saturation of Stark in the MU and especially where he should not be – in the Hulk series – until they have it out and settle the fact that Tony tried to desert the Hulk, sending him to another planet. No, Waid didn’t bother scratching that surface deeper – it was left up to Hickman in Avengers #28. Did you read that issue? It was awesome!

      • GreenScar1990

        I have read Hickman’s Avengers #28, and it was awesome! As for Hulk’s limits on who he can beat, I don’t think that guys like Thanos, Mangog, Lord Armageddon, Silver Surfer or any of Galactus’ heralds are off the table for Hulk to defeat, as Thor & Beta-Ray Bill, who are in the same weight/power class as Hulk, can do just fine with the heralds of Galactus in one-on-one altercations. In fact, Surfer’s only be able to defeat Savage Hulk using the draining technique (and usually before Hulk becomes too angry), but such a tactic has shown not to do well against Gravage/Green Scar who resisted and overcame Red Hulk’s draining ability which drained Surfer completely.

        Galactus himself, yeah, that’s a level that no hero should be on (I don’t believe even Sky-Fathers should be able to truly harm Big G unless he’s severely weakened). When it comes to high-end cosmic beings like Galactus, the Celestials, Eternity, Death, Oblivion, etc…. that’s where I draw the line for those whom the Hulk can defeat. Now if he has some kind of weapon/powerful artifact (Infinity Gems, Cosmic Cube, etc.) or if there’s a plot device, and as long as its well written and Loeb-ified, that’s a different story. However, I admit that a Hulk story involving Galactus could be cool (especially if he becomes his newest herald like in What If?: World War Hulk).

        And we’ll have to agree to disagree when it comes to Hulk’s adaptive abilities. I like it when he can overcome the impossible, to achieve the incredible, to survive and proves he’s the Strongest there is. It gives him a bit of mystique; a literal force of nature; the Last Titan who will outlive everyone and everything because he’s simply too strong to die (which is why I still love PAD’s Hulk: The End).

        Anyways, I’m hoping that Gerry Duggan will be able to get the comic back to being an entertaining series. And like you said, there’s A LOT that we do agree upon. Thanks for responding! It’s always a pleasure chatting with a fellow Hulk fan. 🙂

    • GreenScar,I agree with about 90 percent of what you said. There are a few things that I would like to ask you. You said the Olympus group and Amadeus Cho were supplying money to Banner. Could you cite your sources for this? Also you mentioned the Dr Banner was operating out of Gamma World. Once again could you cite where this mentioned?

      The only thing I can disagree with you about Waid is about Banner being envious of other scientists in the Marvel Universe. What he was saying was that Banner wants to be remembered for his scientific accomplishments as much as Marvel’s other scientists. It is not about envy of talent or personal insecurity. Otherwise you observations are totally on the mark.

      The problem I see with all the writers have tackled the Hulk after Greg Pak
      is no one has used to the mythology and characters that Pak has created.
      These were some of the most interesting supporting characters in the history of the series. The fact that no one has used them is really a shame.
      In one of the letters pages in Waid’s run they said they had no plans to use these characters. Skaar and Amadeus Cho have not even been mentioned in the book for a long time.

      • Speaking of Amadeus Cho,I just did some research and he has only appeared in two stories since Pak left. A two part back in Fear Itself the Home Front issues 5 and 6 and the first story arc of Savage Wolverine.

        Has anyone read that the Fear Itself spin off? Comic book database says Fred Van Lente wrote it.

      • GreenScar1990

        For inquiry #1- Prince of Power #1.

        For inquiry #2- Incredible Hulks #630-635.

        I’m glad that guys like you and Ratchet see my point, Zeno. And I agree that it’s such a shame and an utter waste to not use these characters in the current Hulk comics. They’re fun and have so much potential. It’s been 3 years since we had our last solid Hulk comic, which was Pak’s finale which I still very much enjoy. In other words, we’re long overdue for a great Hulk comic again.

  2. I was a lifelong Hulk reader.Well,started with Annual #11 as a youngster and never missed an ish from that day forward.That was until Jeph Loeeb took over.I couldn’t stand the direction.Anywhoos,as life would have it.I was disenfranchised.I did the unthinkable.I walked away.
    Now,here I am a few years later and I’ve decided,Lifes looking up but what am I missing? So I’m back buying all things Hulk.I had some moments of shock “Damn! The Leader is red now!? Sheild wut wut!?” Nothing a little googling couldn’t fix.But as I read Waid, I thought I picked up where I left off a few years back.Not Cool.But this time I don’t feel like running away from something I love because the person at the helm is screwing it up.Can’t leave my little green buddy behind.Now,I don’t know Duggan from adam but hes gotta be better right?? Right???
    At least I enjoyed Savage Hulk.This was a big shocker to me because of all of the flags I saw raised.A secondary Hulk book.Remember the last “Rampaging” title? Yuck
    An in continuity flashback storyline? Nooooo!
    Alan Davis? Eh.
    I dug that single issue more than any recent Hulk tale I’ve read.
    Anyway,great post enjoyed reading your thoughts on Waid.

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