Hulk Diving Stick (2014)

hulk stuff oct 004

This comes in a 3-pack with Cap and Iron Man – but the little Hulk figure is actually so awesome!  They produced a Hulk in a stance we have never had before but is a very famous Hulk pose – one that is pretty impossible to do with any action figure!

hulk stuff oct 007

hulk stuff oct 008

Not that it needs to – but it still has a pretty sweet sculpt – even the face looks pretty impressive!  We’ve needed a Hulk in the vicious screaming, jumping pose that he has used against so many gamma foes!  I love this little thing!  It’s worth seeking out – especially if you have a pool… which I have.

hulk stuff oct 005


2 responses to “Hulk Diving Stick (2014)

  1. I’ve been looking everywhere for the Walt Mart digital comic! You post about it. I didn’t get the special Wal-Mart exclusive version when the film came out and I love all the Marvel Cinematic Universe comic book tie-ins – now I’m kicking myself because this one is impossible to find. I to know any way to pull the data off the disc. Please have how you post to download?. Because I can’t even find it anywhere online

  2. Hello, what pack did this figure come with? Brand or any Info?

    Isidro Campos

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