Shake and Smash Hulk (2014)

dance recital and New Hampshire 023

I guess I should just admit it now that I am still watching Hulk and the Agents of SMASH.  I am not totally proud of it – but not completely ashamed either.  The show is far from good – but the truth, as much as it hurts sometimes, is that my daughter loves it and we watch it together.  She asks me questions about the characters on the show and I have a grand time answering.  Fin Fang Foom?  Yeah – my daughter knows who that is now… all due to this terrible cartoon.  So, I don’t totally hate it.  Either way though, this new Hulk figure came out with hollow, rubbery arms.  When you shake him he says “No one shakes the Hulk!” even though you literally just shook the hell out of him.  This figure was found at a Target near me – but have not seen anything else from this show on the shelves here.

dance recital and New Hampshire 024

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7 thoughts on “Shake and Smash Hulk (2014)

  1. The only other Agents of Smash merch I have seen so far is a Hulk mask & dress up costume. I know action figures based on the ‘toon are teased on back of the packaging for both it and the Shake n’ Smash figure, but outside of that I haven’t heard anything about an actual line of toys being produced, or when (or if) they might be released. Was there anything announced at Toy Fair?

  2. It seems like every time something good happens to Hulk in recent time (Avengers film), several more awful things come to ruin things for Hulk fans (Agents of S.M.A.S.H., Aaron run). It has been years since Loeb began and smashed the Hulk mythos, but Hulk is still recovering from all that horror to this day…

  3. i’ve seen plenty of them here. i can’t bring myself to buy it…mostly because of its connection to that show, its voice, and general overwhelming crappiness.

    1. Well, the nice thing is that this cartoon introduces her to the characters – but then I read her my favorite comic issues to her – introducing her to the REAL Hulk.

      1. If you keep her hooked, she’ll probably really dig the Peter David run when she reaches an age where she is mature enough to understand a lot of the conflict and themes present in his more mature themes. Even though there wasn’t an awful lot of the David-McFarlane run, I still say it is up there as one of the best. McFarlane was a great illustrator for the book and his style fit really well for the time, but even his art aside, I really wish David had written the Grey Hulk pre-Fixit a while longer.

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