Can Someone Explain Why…

FF #7

The Hulk is on the cover to Fantastic Four #7 – and not even a small shot – he’s pretty prominent on the cover – but does not appear anywhere in the actual comic?  WTH?  What kind of ruse is this Marvel?  I feel duped!

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4 thoughts on “Can Someone Explain Why…

  1. The official issue synopsis from Marvel’s own website:
    ORIGINAL SIN: THE FATEFUL FOUR PART II The FANTASTIC FOUR are being torn apart at their very foundation! Will Ben be able to cope with the Original Sin he’s learned about Johnny? Will Sue and Reed lose FRANKLIN and the rest of the FUTURE FOUNDATION? Will what’s left of the team be able stop their headquarters from being shut down by…THE AVENGERS?

    My guess would be the only reason he’s on the cover is that he’s part of the Avengers team.

    And damn, I’m going to have to buy a comic solely for a Hulk cover.

  2. My guess is the rumored (possibly fact) mandate that Marvel has against promoting Fantastic Four in comic form. Apparently they don’t want to give Fox free publicity on a property that’s out of Marvel’s hands film wise. Might could be…

  3. Hey Ratchet, I know this isn’t Hulk related, but what are your thoughts on Thor becoming a woman? I think it is gimmicky and stupid, and they are only doing it to stir controversy which equals more sales. I hate how these companies try to be so politically correct by changing pre-existing characters like this. The characters have existed for years, why change them? Instead of doing things like making Alan Scott (the original Green Lantern) gay, I think they should just focus on introducing cool new characters that reflect our times, or just use the already established gay and female characters that they neglect and never use in their stories and series. I’m afraid that stupid gimmicks like this will eventually sink their fangs into Hulk, and it worries me!

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