SDCC Exclusive – Hulks of a Different Color!

lego grey

lego red

So, I attended the Boston Comic Con this past weekend.  I was, as usual, mostly there to see the artists and creators – but seeing as Mark Waid was not signing until noon and I had time to kill I decided to look around the vendor tables.  Boy, am I glad I did!  One vendor had recently been at the SDCC and picked up the Grey and Red Hulk Lego figures – these are Hulks that will be coming out in sets sometime in January – but I snagged them now!  I was psyched to see them there.

bosom buddies

the classics

The vendor told me that there is a Thunderbolt set coming out – now, as much as I would have been enticed, I really only have interest in getting the Red Hulk – so this opportunity was perfect for me!  I can just pick up the figures and not have to buy the whole set?  I see nothing but win there!

UNSEXY UPDATE: My friend Steven Yarish informed me that he had gotten word from Marvel who said that they have no plans to release a Red and Grey Hulk Lego set. So, it turns out the vendor who sold them to me is, what I like to refer to as, a liar, liar pants on fire. Dude straight up and lied to my face. Uncool. Still, they are a neat set to have.

Just for real fun – a shot of all the Hulks:

the whole gang

5 responses to “SDCC Exclusive – Hulks of a Different Color!

  1. are those actually real Legos? I saw some on eBay from overseas that looks to be knock-offs with new paint that I almost picked up.

  2. Congrats! I was looking at picking up the knock-offs, too. I still might as they’re usually pretty cheap, and I’m sure the prices for the real Lego figures loose on ebay will be fairly high judging from history. It might also be hard to determine after the sets come out in January which figures are Legos or k-o’s. BTW, keep an eye on the Hot Wheels aisle. I saw Marvel cars at Target the other day (but no individually carded Hulk car); and someone on ebay had a boxed racing set that was solely Hulk themed.

  3. How knowledgeable/reputable was this vendor? Lego didn’t release any SDCC Hulk exclusives this year. These appear to be the DeCool bootlegs that you can see here… and here… (down toward the bottom of the page, the guy explains the difference too). It seems he is trying to pass off bootlegs you can easily find on eBay as SDCC exclusives or he just didn’t know any better. One actual thing that was at SDCC was this Kotobukiya Grey Hulk ARTFX+ Statue… I picked that up and it’s pretty cool!

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