Marvel’s Battle Masters Hulk and Iron Man 2-Pack (2014)

yes Hulk Stuff 026

In the great tradition of Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots Marvel brings you a new version with your favorite heroes!  I saw these hit the shelves a couple months ago and was disappointed when I didn’t see the Hulk in the single packs.  I scanned downward and sure enough there was Hulk in the larger (and why not, right?) pack with ‘ole Shellhead himself!  This is who you want to pair the Hulk with up anyways – because it’s an easy win for the Hulk!

yes Hulk Stuff 027

The little plastic guys have hollow legs where you can stick your fingers inside and make them throw a mean punch.  You set them on bases and then invite friends over and battle it out!  I would have loved this as a kid – although I’m not sure how many friends I would have had left due to always kicking their asses!  That, and I would have always demanded to be the Hulk.

yes Hulk Stuff 028


4 responses to “Marvel’s Battle Masters Hulk and Iron Man 2-Pack (2014)

  1. I have yet to see these in stores anywhere. I wound up ordering a set from BBTS.

  2. Has anyone read Hulk 5 yet? I was not too impressed. It is interesting however that he has serums of all the people he plans to de power. Here is a list of current Hulk’s that might be targeted. Rick Jones has been. The Original She Hulk. Skaar. Lyra. Red She Hulk,Red Hulk. That still leaves one more person for the final test tube. Maybe Hiro,Skaar’s brother?

    Maybe he is becoming the Maestro that is why he is doing this.

    • I certainly think it’s a new, more sinister version of the Hulk we’ve not seen yet. I’m disappointed to hear you didn’t like Hulk 5 – I thought it was fantastic! I can’t wait for the next issue- review coming soon!

      as for the final tube – I know they said the nanobites would not work on him – so maybe there is someone else we’re missing. I do hope he’s successful in getting rid of Red Hulk, A-Bomb, Red She Hulk, and I was thinking the the other tube could be for Sterns – the Red Leader.

  3. It was not bad it just seemed rushed.

    As for your ideas about Sterns.That is possible also. The serums seem to be based on skin color. The blue one was for A-bomb,so yes one of them could be for the leader as well. I thought about that. Maybe the color does not correspond to the color of the person the serum is meant for. It is hard to say.Scorpio is another possibility but seems less likely since she is not a Hulk. Personally I would like to Hiro and Jarella’s Planet again. It seems there is more to that story. Especially regarding the Old Power.

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