Marvel’s Infinite Series Valkyrie Figure (2014)

yes Hulk Stuff 031

I am shocked to see Valkyrie in an early line-up for this series.  How long did it take to get a Marvel Legend’s sized Valkyrie?  It took a hella long time!  Not to mention it was 2-packed with a sweet Hulk figure!  Here, we’re not so lucky this time around.  The figure looks decent – I’ve only found one thus far so I do not have an open figure to give a complete review – but from what I can see it does look nice.

yes Hulk Stuff 032

yes Hulk Stuff 034

Immediately I can see that it is the current costumed Valkyrie and not the classic – which I sort of prefer – but us beggers can’t always be choosers.  Besides, it’s not that the new costume is terrible – or even that terribly different – it’s just that the classic costume is so perfect.  Like I said though, having a Valkyrie figure at all is pretty cool.  Seeing as this is a Marvel Infinite series we don’t get very much as far as accessories.  I don’t know what makes it infinite when we get considerably less with the figures.  I have noticed that the prices of these figures remained around $10.  At one point it was pushing $13 in some stores.  Even though I still feel $10 might be pushing it for what we get I’m happy with the figure.  Grade: B+

yes Hulk Stuff 030

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