Marvel Super Hero Smash Action Hulk (2014)

yes Hulk Stuff 025

These kid friendly lines have released quite a bit of Hulk stuff in the past year or so – from the Target exclusive Hulk sets to the above figure – they are going strong!  The Smash Action Hulk here talks a bit and even looks extremely happy when doing it!  His soft hands help not to leave any marks on your enemies as you beat them senseless with this toy.  Of course, the soft hands means you have to beat them a lot longer than you normally would.  So, this little guy was found at TRU next to a similar Spidey.  Not sure if there are other characters out there like this – but all you really need is a Hulk anyways, right?

yes Hulk Stuff 025 - Copy


One response to “Marvel Super Hero Smash Action Hulk (2014)

  1. Found this last week as well. I believe there was also an Iron Man, if memory serves (my tunnel vision was focused mainly on Hulk). I have also seen an image on the web of a Playskool Heroes Hulk Vs. Abomination (in a little vehicle) set, but have yet to see it in stores.

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