Hulk #5 (2014) – The Review


Hulk #5

W: Duggan
P: Bagley
I: Hennesey

The new Hulk has finally hit the stands and I have to say, right off the bat, the new writer has taken off like a shot!  The first issue is a doozy with a more malicious, concise and determined Hulk we’ve ever seen.  Hulk, who would rather not be referred to with that name anymore, now he’s Doc Green, is out on a mission,  He’s decided that there are far too may Hulks out there – and I couldn’t agree more – but he’s going to set things straight.  He has created a serum of sorts with nanites that will cure Gamma-Folk – only… not Doc Green.  He’s not looking to be cured.  Just to get rid of the impostors.  This definitely includes Rick Jones (A-Bomb) but also 6 others.  By my count we would be rid of Red Hulk, Red She-Hulk, Red Leader, She Hulk, Lyra… and a mystery guest I can’t put my finger on yet.

Duggan doesn’t just give us a fun first issue setting up Doc Green to face off against A-Bomb in the top of the next issue but also some new mysteries.  Yes, we will get back to shot Banner in the back of the head – but with Extremis pumping through his brain he’s hardly concerned about that at the moment.  What’s even more troubling is that Doc Green may have the smarts but Banner seems to be trapped and desperate to get out!  Also Doc Green, unlike any incarnation we’ve seen before, is rocking a sweet ass green mohawk.

Overall, the quick read is an energized new direction for the Green Goliath.  One I think everyone should check out!  Grade: A-



23 responses to “Hulk #5 (2014) – The Review

  1. We’ll after far too many years (since before Planet Hulk) I am relieved to finally say that I actually enjoyed a Hulk comic and cant wait for the next issue. What a lovely feeling. I actually made the decision to give up reading Hulk with latest renumbering – it seemed like the perfect jumping off point for me. It was not meant to be a permanent decision, but I planned to check back in occasionally when I heard it had improved or there was a new writer etc. After 25 years of reading Hulk it had become a monthly chore and I just felt there were other comics I would prefer to be reading. Then I heard about the new writer. I read a few forum comments about him as I had never heard of him, and most people didnt seem happy. However, I had a little inkling that I might like him – someone mentioned his humour and that was one of the many things I liked about PAD’s run. So I finally made the huge decision to leave and Im back again just a few issues later! I hope the new writer can make a real success of it – if he does I may just stick around for another 25 years!

  2. Forgot to mention Im loving the mystery of who the targets are:
    who is the second blue for? Mr. Blue?
    what about Skaar?
    surely not normal She-Hulk – far too well established a character?
    lovin it.

    • Well, at this point Samson is dead – I almost forgot about Skaar – you’re right, it could be him. You’d figure the Hulk would spare his own child – but who knows? This new incarnation is pretty brutal

    • Truka,I was also wondering that. Do you think it might be Hiro,Skaar’s twin brother? We haven’t not seen him since the Engima Force series about 3-4 years ago.

  3. I thought I read somewhere that Samson’s current fate was unclear. Although that probably counts him out anyway.
    do we know of any other Blue gammas? (blue gamma – bloody Loeb! ,sheesh – at least there was a reason for red gammas ie mixed with power cosminc or something). anyone know why a-bomb is blue?

    • Because Loeb doesn’t know how to write comics

      • bwaaaahahahahahaha!
        I was hoping for a no-prize style answer really Ratchet rather than the actual truth!

      • Loeb is a moron and I felt stupefied after every Hulk comic I read that he wrote and Agents of S.M.A.S.H. that I watch as I am a captive audience to new Hulk stories.

  4. Gerry Duggan’s Hulk #5 feels like a breath of fresh air. After enduring 3 years of mostly mediocre Hulk stories since Greg Pak’s departure, we’re finally treated to an issue that is very engaging and very fun. There was just so much that I loved about this issue. If you haven’t picked it up, you’re really missing out.

    We’ve got a new Hulk persona in town, or rather in the psyche of Banner/Hulk, named Doc Green. And he actually stands apart from previous incarnations/personas of the Green Goliath. He’s not only extremely intelligent and very powerful, but he’s got a bit of a mean streak despite his seemingly calm and level-headed demeanor. From what’s been seen, Doc Green isn’t afraid of causing vast destruction or endangering human lives. It’s a very scary, and very interesting take on the Hulk character.

    I’m honestly grateful that Gerry Duggan made it quite clear that this version/incarnation/persona of the Hulk has his own unique POV & personality, even going as far as despising the name of Hulk and demanding to be called ‘Doctor Green’. It brings up a lot of questions, including the control and relationship that Doc Green not only has with Banner but the numerous other Hulk personas within his mind as well. I see a lot of potential here.

    I also like the fact that Mr. Duggan knows and realizes that Hulk is a vastly powerful being, one of the most powerful heroes in all of comics and definitely the Strongest One There Is. Therefore, he knows what readers and Hulk fans enjoy. He even manages to throw in some wicked cool surprises!

    I mean, showing a living but time-frozen Maestro Hulk in Kang’s Trophy Room at the end of time along with a bunch of other cool items from numerous heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe? That was awesome! Part of the fun is just looking for and finding all the Easter Eggs located there!

    Another thing I must applaud Mr. Duggan for is for actually utilizing the scientific assistants and giving them a role, thus making them actually useful for a change. Not only that, but he’s actually made me care about them to an extent. That’s something that the previous writer failed to accomplish (and that’s not the only thing he failed at in regards to the Hulk/Banner, but I digress).

    Another thing I love is the fact that we no longer have to deal with SHIELD and Maria Hill getting shoved down our throats! God, I was so tired of that/them! I did not like that idea at all. Too much SHIELD in other Marvel titles as it is.

    And I’m very curious as to how this story will unfold. Doc Green wants to rid the world of Gamma Weapons and Gamma-Powered Beings. That apparently means the other Hulks: She-Hulk, Skaar, Lyra, A-Bomb, Red She-Hulk, and Red Hulk. Apparently Doc Green has came up with a cure using his own blood, but one has to wonder of the consequences this will have.

    I also been thinking about something. We know that Hulk’s cure is derived from his own blood, thus it cannot cure him. It makes me contemplate something: Will Doc Green’s cure work on those who share his bloodline? Jen, Skaar, and Lyra all share his bloodline, so it could be quite possible that this cure may not work on them at all.

    For the rest of the Hulks and Gamma Beings out there, they might be in a heap of trouble. Then again, who is to say this cure will be permanent? It might be only temporary. Like I said, this topic brings up a lot of interesting inquiries. And I honestly can’t wait to find out!

    Even though this is a mostly set-up issue, this one packs a wicked, smashing punch! But someone else deserves major credit here. Mark Bagley’s art is fantastic. From the action scenes to the quiet moments, he delivers.

    Not since the time when Greg Pak was on the series have I enjoyed a Hulk comic this much. Gerry Duggan’s first chapter of OMEGA HULK is not only a very strong and promising start, but it’s also loads of fun and a true visual treat.

    The only complaint I have is that Marvel should have relaunched the title with a fresh #1, because in all honesty Gerry Duggan deserves it with this incredible issue. And am the only one loving the covers done by Gary Frank & Alex Ross? All in all, a very promising start to what I hope will be a very long and very epic run on the Jade Juggernaut.

    • I know what you mean – but I for one am glad they didn’t reboot the book back to #1 – this is how it should be – a new creative team takes over and the numbering stays the same.

    • Good points. They are only two things that bothered me about this issue. First the issue was too short. For the cost of these comics they could be longer. Second the Rick Jones verses Hulk antagonism just seemed wrong since Jones has always been an ally of the Hulk. Some might say this is a new personality which has no prior relationship with him so it doesn’t count. Does anyone else have any thoughts on this?

      • I think it’s the way Hulk (Doc Green) approached A-Bomb (Rick) – he could tell something was off and he responded in kind. It didn’t come out of the blue to the reader because Duggan made it quite clear that the Hulk is a new, more aggressive and less caring Hulk.

  5. I agree with most of what Greenscar so eloquently said, apart from his praise for Bagley. Never been a fan of his art – I find him to be a “journeyman” artist. Reliable but average. Cant say anything bad about him really, but nothing good either, he is just completely average. His Hulk is OK (and one of the better ones of recent years) but it just seems to be a slightly poorer version of Gary Frank’s interpretation. It seems we finally might possibly have a writer I am excited about on Hulk, and it would be nice to have an artist to match. It would also be nice if both writer and artist had the freedom to express their own interpretations rather than following Marvel’s house style of the moment – but I guess that’s just a ridiculous expectation!

  6. This is the BEST ! Great to see you back Ratchet. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Get Rid of Red Hulks and ALL !!!! I would love to see something happen where Dog Green rips off Red Hulks arm or mangles him before the curing. This personality is awesome. Mean and intelligent an not Banner. It’s potentially a dream come true for this Hulk fan. PLEASE GET RID OF RED HULK HE SUCKS. Just a glorified interpretation of the personality of the Grey Hulk, almost. Please get rid of all Red Hulks. Red She Hulk is deplorable and so is Betty. If they killed her off again I would be thrilled.

    • I understand where you are coming from regarding Betty. Some of the problem comes from the fact that different writers have written her in many different ways that characterization is inconsistent. Pak who had a good run himself had trouble writing her and dealing with the Banner/Betty relationship. There are better love interests for Dr Banner. Kate Waynsbourgh would be one. Is anyone interested in seeing her come back?

  7. That would be a good idea. Just not make her a hulk. Betty needs to go. I mean gone.

    If Jean Grey can be outta here then why please, my oh my cannot the annoyance of Betty Ross be a distant memory? Such an evil, boring, slut.

    Bring back Caiera please.

    I really think Hulk is a character that needs an entirely new, not hulked, supporting cast. And they, for me, could be existing, original characters.

    I like how Daredevil is in the mix, for example.

    It would be great if all of the Hulks Ross’s Ricks and whatevers went away.

    Bring back Caiera please. Again.

    Get rid of Red Hulk for good, for life’s sake

    I can stomach Abomination only for Hulk to punish his lame ass.

    The Leader is a ridiculous character… Can’t Hulk take on Doom or Thanos more?
    This story line has such potential to eradicate all of the crap the Loeb, and other non-original writers have had the privilege to waste my interest on for years.

    Just no more Gammas…Let’s get original Marvel. NO MORE POWERS FROM HULKS BLOOD RAYS OR WHATEVER. SOOOO SICK OF IT.

    How about a new story line where Hulk, himself, takes on gods, juggernauts, mutants, or cosmic fish people who are not green.


    • You aren’t by any chance a user name for Jon Quixotic? He did a marathon review of all the Hulk comics that were on the dvd that was released in 2007. No argument here about her being a annoying slut. I hoped Greg Pak would have done something about her but he never developed that plot line. Jeff Parker wrote about her for a year and he couldn’t not even make her interesting.

      I think Rick Jones is a great sidekick. There is a great supporting cast that Greg Pak created. The problem is no one is using these characters with the possible exception of Skaar. Neither Aaron nor Waid built on what Pak had developed.

      • I am only Logan Blue. Sorry about the marathon review. Just that I have been so disappointed and fed up with the directions Marvel has treated upon my favorite character.. One of the last stories I read happens where Hulk is with the Avengers fighting Thanos and gets knocked right out of the scene and is not seen for practically the rest of the comic. I am tired of our original Hulk being treated like some arbitrary punching bag. Time for someone to write the dominance Hulk had long ago, to be the feared force of strength and power he once was. Omega Hulk/ Doc Green looks promising, but I am not going to attach myself to any outcomes. Marvel always fails me and that is why I have not purchased any issues for the past few years. Now this is cool to me and I am roped in again. World War Hulk had such promise only to be watered down with a hastened and lame ending. Like Avengers vs. X-Men and, I am positive, how Axis will end, as with all comic book tie-ins. That being said, now I am buying again. Only can hope that more slick, contrived, cheesy garbage is not published….again. Which it will….This is Marvel. Spider Man was Doc Oc? All these mutants and hulks….Thor a Woman?!!!!!! And so much other trash I do not want to get into…….Wow to Now. suckin.

  8. Bring back the U-Foes.

  9. Doc Green??? Seriously??? I liked the storyline, but Doc Green was really tough to get past.

  10. Not bad! I might check it out!

  11. I think the Maestro Hulk will return as the final Hulk that faces Doc Green.

    He can absorb radiation, and he seems like the perfect adversary for this new Hulk. He hasn’t been seen since Hulk #460, but I think he is still alive in the Marvel universe waiting to return.

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