Duggan Interview

I am psyched about this new direction the Hulk book is taking – and looking forward to the upcoming issues!  Click the image for a great interview with the new Hulk writer!


One response to “Duggan Interview

  1. Thanks for the link Ratchet – I’d never get to read this stuff if it was for you!
    Super villan level genius Hulk – what a great idea! I thought that the well of interesting Hulk personna’s had been rung dry long ago…seems I was wrong. And humour too! Is Duggan’srun going to rival PAD’s? Surely that’s too much to ask, but I am finally very excited about reading Hulk for the first time in years (and I do mean years). And for now thats good enough. (Actually I think was excited about Aaron and Portaccio, but that only lasted until I read the first page!)

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